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Meth Mouth has gone to far!

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My son graduated on Friday and we were lucky enough to have my DH's parents come out for the event. Last night DH phone starts blowing up from "friends" asking him about something his worthless meth ex posted on Facebook.

We both have her blocked so we couldn't see it, but a friend of mine who is not blocked was able to get us some screen shots. Worthless meth whore has a screen grab of my son with both sets of grandparents and she's basically bashing DH about how horrible he was to his spawn.

I'm so fricking pissed that worthless meth whore has my son's photo on her Facebook page and she's known felon who consorts with drug dealers and gang members! I unblocked her long enough to report her, but I don't know what good it's going to do since Facebook doesn't seem to do anything anymore.

I screen shotted her filth and the crap SD responded to the post and sent it to DH's mom and let her know this is why we don't consort with them, they are worthless.

I'm just so damn pissed, any thoughts of anything else I can do to get my son's photo removed ASAP!! Because worthless grandhag also shared it and so did some other people and that's not right!


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I believe that he can untag himself... or your DH can if he was tagged.  How did she get a copy of the picture to begin with?  I would assume everyone has their accounts with her blocked.


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No this is a screen grab, I didn't have Spawn blocked on Facebook and she's friends with her grandmother (DH's mom) who was tagged in the photos so Spawn could see them, screen shotted it and sent it to her meth mom! I'm so damn pissed, I mean it's like frickin meth loser get my damn kid off your page! I could care less about your stupid hate filled drivel!

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I see where you said a screen grab.  I don't know if you can delete the pics and then have them deleted that way.  

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This is why I have Faux social media accounts--to keep an eye on things!  Ugh!!

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Tell Gma or whoever posted the picture to delete it. Social media is a blessing and a curse.

Its a wonderful way to share pictures with family and friends but it also opens you up to crap like this.

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Your options are ask her and the others to take it down, or report the screen captured photo(s).



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When we had friends sharing my DSOs vacation pics, I saved, or if on ur phone even better,  the pics to my computer.  Deleted all the pics on facebook and then changed my privacy settings so no one can share without approval and then posted the pics back to his timeline.

Once i deleted the photos from fb, they weren't on the friends page anymore.