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raging BM

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And its me!

My ex and I get along really well. Then I forgot to call and talk to him about Dd19 medical problem, or should I say I only half talked to him. Dd has a medical condition that is preventing her from ever taking birth control again. While she says she's not sexually active, she still peferred to have an iud.

Dh just received the EOB stating she had surgery. He
got crappy with her.

I so wanted to go crazy BM on his a$$. Even though I know 50% of the problem I need to own. Really, don't yell at the girl because she's being responsible and proactive, cause I don't see your long distance daddying being a grandpa.

Grrrrr. And just so everone knows the kid said she would pay for what the insurance didn't cover.


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I am proud of your daughter for standing up and being proactive. She is protecting her future.

Kick His ass.