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The Dark Eyed Glare

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What is up with it?

YSS11 does the evil/psychotic looking dark eyed glare whenever he is in trouble for doing something really a-holish. 
When he does it, his eyes become matte black and the sockets darken. His face loses color and some of his blood vessels become visible on his face. He goes mute.

Well, at work yesterday, one of my coworkers gave me the same. darn. look. Blood vessels and all... I had never seen and adult do the Dark Eyed Glare until yesterday.


OT - Women Wednesday

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Are you rocking Summer with a cool pair of sunglasses? If not, you should be!

Protecting the eyes from the sun is just as important as protecting the skin. Most people are aware of the dangers of exposing the skin to too much sunlight, and many of us make an effort to slather on some sunscreen to protect our skin from wrinkles, premature aging, and skin cancer.