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If the court paperwork reads...
Cp is to send an email by the 1st of the month to the noncp of all appointments for the upcoming month ...
And there are no appointments scheduled until the 2nd when the counselor returns your call, what would you do?? No email was sent because there was no appointments. Yet, noncp who has no legal custody, swears this is a violation. Cp emailed the appointment to noncp after the visit on the 3rd and the next appointment. But I don't think any email has to be sent at all. Noncp swears this means cp is to notify him before any appointment takes place.
I am not read into the paperwork. If appointments have been made by the first, I send a list. If they haven't I don't. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

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An email should have been

An email should have been sent.

I'm not sure how the CO orders the CP to notify the NCP of Dr appts, yet the NCP has no legal custody. Sounds like he does.

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I am to notify him by the 1st

I am to notify him by the 1st of all appointments for the following month, but he has not legal say in such appointments. He can't stop them, no do I have to ask. Sole legal custody.
I have a restraining order so my only requirement for contact is the monthly email.