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Does anyone else have this problem????
SD is a half way ok kid when DH is here. She still bugs the crap out me, treats DH like personal property, has very little respect, ignores me most of the time, is very lazy, no person hygiene, and isn't nice person. But she will do the fake hi and bye, good night when he tells her too, she will thank me if he is within hearing range. DH will want to talk to me about how much better SD is doing, and I seriously don't see it. I have even said, ok if you think so, let me check her homework tomorrow, or leave for the day. He of course hasn't taken me up on that but he will make comments that I never see the good.
Sorry, when she ignores me unless you are in a room, doesn't say thanks for anything unless you can hear it, won't say hi or bye or anything unless you tell her to I don't see the change other then your home on workmans comp right now.
Is it parent blindness, biase, hope, denial??? What???
She doesn't pick up her room without being told, doesn't brush her hair or teeth without being told, at 11 yrs old (4 months younger then my daughter) she has to be told to shower, you have to wake her up. How is all this so wonderful?? You have taken on what should be her responsibilities.
Why doesn't he see what hasn't changed and realize that if he wasn't home it would go right back? She treats me like shit, but I should see this wonderful change???