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More drama

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Late last night, SO got a text from BM....their 17 yr old is back in the psych ward that she was in last summer. He told me earlier in the evening that she had left the house again for some time (don't know how long) and I guess now, they (doctors? mother?...I don't know who) thinks maybe she tried overdosing on some of her meds. I know nothing more than that. She is on a TON of meds - never seen anything like it with kids. Both her and her sister came to my house with about 10 prescription bottles each that they say they take everyday. I was very alarmed. I googled some of them and one in particular has me thinking bad things (like Munchausen by proxy). But, the doctors are prescribing them, right? Anyway - the ex texted him (didn't call) and it didn't seem overly urgent or anything. I asked him if he was going to go the hospital last night, but he said no. He knew his daughter would refuse to see him. He's waiting to hear back from BM. Even though I don't particularly like this kid, I sincerely hope she'll be ok. And I hated thinking this last night, but I also really hope this isn't another ploy for attention. SO's birthday is Fri and we have plans with family and friends....just waiting to see if Fri will be the day she decides she wants to see her dad. Of course, I will encourage him to go see her. Last time in the psych ward, she acted like Queen Bee living at summer was ridiculous.