ADHD stimming

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I have a adhd step son that is 12.  Supposedly all he has is adhd.  

He will pace, dance, swing arms around, head bang, shuffle feet in place etc.  

i have tried to make light of it by saying, are you making an aerobics video?

he realizes that he is doing it what you give him a weird look and he will start touching hisself inappropriately with one hand and hold his other and to try to conceal the touching!  I have said that is inappropriate and why are you doing that!   It is always an excuse and it keeps happening.  Does anyone else see this in adhd or is this more than adhd?????

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I too have an ADHD stepson. The pacing and walking in circles, and even running around the house, are also features of his behavior. While I haven't yet seen him touching himself, he does constantly touch and hug his mom and his sister. In my mind this excessive touching is inappropriate.