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i always listen to you DADDDYYYY

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i am new here and this is fun never before have i been able to say what i want and not feel like i am being judged!!! anyway my SD says stuff like " I always listen to you DADDYYYYY " when my BS son is being a brat..about makes me sick how perfect she thinks she is and my DH says nothing to correct a comment like that it only inforces her belief in her self proclaimed perfection... if my kid said something like that i would say "spare me you only listen when you want too"

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SD8 recently proclaimed that she is "awesome, pretty, and pretty much a perfect kid". I nearly choked.

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lol... if my kid says stuff like that i would be 1st to put them in their place and tell them how it really is but when SD says how great she is its just overlooked..makes me ill how DH just accepts it..its like he should just go ahead and say o yes honey you are great lets pin a rose to your nose!!!

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SD14 mailed DH a Father's Day card that said:

"Dad...I have to pay you a HUGE have an AWESOME daughter!!"'s all about her.

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There is a card like that...I saw it in hallmark. I always bought my dad cards that told him how awesome HE was but whatever that's just me.

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MY FSD (11) also put in her father's day card ....'from your beautiful daughter'!!! REally????!!!!!

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I choke every time DH's kid tells us how responsible she is. Huh?? Responsible? You?? Right.

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SD14 mailed DH a Father's Day
new Submitted by just tired on Fri, 06/15/2012 - 12:39pm.
SD14 mailed DH a Father's Day card that said:

"Dad...I have to pay you a HUGE have an AWESOME daughter!!"'s all about her.

I'm sure Hallmark meant it as funny. The girl may have been serious.

It's very unfortunate that these kids are being raised by a parent(s) who don't prepare them for real life. They'll say that to a boss who will lay them off the first chance they get and the kids will never understand what happened.

"Gee I just told my boss that I bet he thought I was the best burger flipper he'd ever seen" while a customer with a half raw hamburger stands at the front counter waiting to complain. "Why did I get laid off when that new guy is still there".

It will take half a life-time to realize what's going on - if then. Some will never get it.

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I know what you mean Orange SS24 just can't for the life of him figure out why nobody will hire him. Well, let's see...try covering up your swastika tattoos and taking some of that metal out of your stupid face? Stop calling people spics and beaners (this guy does not give a shit who hears him, either)? Also, maybe stop telling everybody you meet how awesome you are? Idiot. Permissive parenting does a lot of damage.

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We had excactly the same all the time, whenever my kids did something not so good , SD7 had to say something like :"I am NOT doing that !!!""I am I daddy?".Geez, it sucked, no SD you are not always so perfect as you think.At least SO tells her now most of the time to stop that.

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If my SS11 even lifts a finger to help in any way, he goes on and on about how we should thank him and how much he helped (like maybe he cracked an egg for the pancakes or something). Or he may have an idea that we go with and he's like "Do I hear a thanks for my awesome idea?! If it weren't for me, we wouldn't even be doing this!"


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my skid blames everyone else i heard her toss her friend under the bus on many occassions. recent example when her dad ask her who clogged up toliet again (its always her) she said her friend must of did it... what?? and he just told her tell your friend not to do that... its her its alwasy her and she knows it you think she will say anything to her friend considering she just blamed her for the entire thing.....