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gotten worse need help

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My sd is getting dh family to play her games.I feel so helpless.Please help.
My dh won't stop it.My dh thinks that I need to deal with it.(because they are not intentionally trying to hurt me, and I am too sensitive.)
You know the games" bm this bm that."I have told sd that it bothers me that I don't like to hear it.So what happens dh family starts in on it"bm this bm that."She is now more than before invited to dh family functions,knowing that I won't attend. The dh family seems to get worse as they did not used to treat me this way.I can't even tell you how much that bm is involved in our business,because of sd and bh family.
also, to top it off sd dosn't come over because me trying to putting my foot down.My dh has never corrected her,and I don't believe he ever will.
I thought that sd older would be so much easier-way harder.advise please.I believe that they want my dh and i to divorce? It is causing serious friction between dh and i.Help I love my sd but I am feed up with all the drama she brings in my life.