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What's the most annoying thing your significant other and step kids do?

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Just testing the water here and seeing if I'm over reacting...

1. They use the toilet, wad up the paper, block up the toilet, then look at you blankly when you question them about it...

2. Rock back and forth like a crazy person if you made them a dinner they don't like..

3. Refuse to bath!

4. Be overly touchy with DH and other men... Creepy.

5. Spill shampoo all over the tub so I find out when I slip and face plant.

6.Boss random people around and DH doesn't say a thing!

7. Interrupt and have to be involved in every adult conversation.

8. Treat you like the scum of the earth unless you tell them what they want to hear or buy them things constantly.

9. Hide their pee soaked underwear in their room so it reeks... Keep in mind this kid is 8, she's been to the dr about it and he says she's just purely lazy.

10. Act sweet and wonderful around daddy but then turn into terror beasts when he turns his back.

What are your step kids most annoying habits???

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1. Deliberately trying to start fights between their BM and DH - including wildly exaggerating events or even outright lying if necessary.

2. Mooching - money, clothes, food, baby stuff (SD20 has a 1 year old, SD17 is pregnant), electronics, it is never.ending. ("But Daddy, I neeeeeeeeed a new iPod! Mom's puppy chewed on mine and broke it!") Thank GOD DH says no. To *most* of it. *sigh*

3. Lying. Sometimes to start trouble (see #1), but sometimes for attention, pity, drama, or just for the damn sake of lying apparently. SD17 told us she was having dinner at her BabyDaddy's BM's house one night, then told her sisters that they were going to the movies. No idea what the point of the lie was, she lives with BM. Apparently she just lied for the fun of it?

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Calls DH Daaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy all of the time.

Runs to him, interrupts adult conversations and says, "I just love you Daaaddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Manipulates DH in such a way, he truly doesn't see, and so he feels honoured to buy her that tablet, iPhone, $100 dress, new shoes, whatever else, because his 14yr old is so good with her money.... :O

Babbles about her 2 baby siblings, (different daddy) constantly

Brags about how 'awesome' she is and how 'awesome' her destitute hag of a BM is


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Omg. I'm looking into the crystal ball and seeing my stepbrat in 9 years. She's already got the whiny "duuuuudddddyyyy" thing down.

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Omg. I'm looking into the crystal ball and seeing my stepbrat in 9 years. She's already got the whiny "duuuuudddddyyyy" thing down.

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so many things my SD13 does that annoy me.... i just cant even take the time to get them all down.

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When DH "does laundry", it usually means he's run the clothes through the washer and dryer and left them in a basket in the middle of the living room, waiting to be folded.

One time I let them sit for almost 6 days before saying something to him. Haha .. to him, clean clothes are clean clothes. Stuff like that doesn't even hit his radar, even if it drives me nuts Smile

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I'm guilty of this. LOL

I have 3 baskets of my and DH's clothes and quite a few towels, clean, in the hallway...the washing and drying is a cinch, but the folding...ugh...I procrastinate. Bad. And then after I've spent a miserable time putting it off (telling myself what a loser I am for not just folding the damn laundry), when I finally fold, it will take me all of maybe 45 minutes tops. It's a vicious habit I'm involved in.

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1. Not ONE weekend goes by without SD13 "needing" a new shirt, a new bathing suit, a new iPhone case, new headphones.

2. The way she says "Daddddddddyyyyyyyyy"

3. She falls asleep EVERY SINGLE TIME with the tv on and I have to turn it off at 7am when I get up.

4. She sleeps on TOP of the white comforter and not under it so I have to wash it consistently. It's her way of not having to really MAKE the bed.

5. She takes my very expensive shampoo & conditioner OUT of my bathroom and leaves it in the other bathroom so I end up having to get out of my shower, soaking wet, wrapped in a towel to hunt down my products.

6. My DH acts like he's on a date every time we all go out together. He holds her hand & they walk a few feet in front of me. It used to REALLY piss me off, thankfully, I have made peace with the fact that she is simply Daddy's little girl and that the love is different. I gladly take a back seat EOW because I have him the rest of the time and at her age, she really needs her Dad more than I do.

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Nikki_01 - it has taken 13 years and 11 months to get that patience. It wasn't always there, believe me. I guess I must be growing older and wiser and therefore I am able to see things in a different light than I did 13 years and 11 months ago.

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At her age she doesn't need to hold Daddyyyy's hand at all. Sounds like a bunch of mini-wife shit to me.

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So easy...

1. Her screeching laugh.
2. ZERO social skills.
3. No accountability for her actions.
4. Chronic lying.
5. Self entitlement.
6. Inconsistent parenting by BOTH bios.
7. Extreme laziness.
8. Never stops talking. Ever.
9. Continuously breaks promises to her dad.
10.Constant interrupting in adult conversations.

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1. Definitely "Daaaaadddddy", along with the incompetent act.
Honey, we know you clean the house from top to bottom as a part of your "chores" at home with your mom, but here you can't rip a page from a coloring book yourself? Get the hell out of here.

2. "My mom makes the best pizza rolls."
Yes, Totino's. Yes, in the freezer section. Please stop comparing us to your lazy whore mother! We do EVERYTHING 100x better than her on a bad day!

3. It's all in stereo.
One says something, the other repeats it. Or one says something, and the other says the complete opposite, while SO stands in the middle with cartoonish question marks dancing above his head. Umm, about YOU make the decisions and TELL the children what you're doing instead of asking their opinion on open-ended questions.

4. Ignore Blayze one minute then be totally over-the-top in Blayze's face seeking attention the next minute.
Please CHOOSE how you're going to be because the constant back and forth has made me turn on my "ignore" button...and it's hard to turn it off.

5. The loudness.
I know, it's your regular voice. There are so many people living in your house that you have to fight for attention. And yes, your mother yells a lot, so you all are used to it. I AM NOT. I like quiet. I speak quietly. I'm allergic to too much noise. (Not true, but it feels like it!)

That's all for now. I'm trying to think positively. The skid weekend is almost here. sigh.

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Neither DW nor SS put toilet paper on the TP roll. Like ever. They'll fish out a new roll and then leave it on the sink or on the top of the toilet tank. Never where the TP should *actually* go. I swear, next time they do this, I am going to place the TP roll in odd places, like on the window sill or hanging from the bathroom vent.

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The CONSTANT, never-ending asking "Can I have......?"
I refuse to go to the grocery store anymore with them, they are like wild animals running around. And they TOUCH everything on the shelves and grab whatever junk food they see and try to put it in the cart.

It's not just out shopping. You can't eat, drink, or chew anything without skids asking for some. "Can I have a bite? Can I have one of those? Can I have a drink? Can I have gum? Can I have mints?"

One time skids were in the living room and SO was in the kitchen with me and he says, "Watch this."
He reaches into the cupboard and crinkles a bag of chips so it makes that chip bag noise and the skids come RUNNING into the kitchen and the youngest one yells, "Dad can I have some of whatever you're having?"
They don't know and don't care what it is, they just WANT it.
SS is 10 and SD is 11. Thank goodness SD16 seems to have grown out of that particular annoying phase.

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SD18: Constantly criticizing, negative, and beeyotchy. No surprise you can't keep a boyfriend. Who wants to be around Princess of PooPoo? You're always asking for more more more $$$ and think DH is an ATM. In fact, that's the only time you come around - Christmas and, on rare occasion, to drop off the boys because you want to ask for money. As DH has told you a thousand times, you have to talk to BM. She's using your CS to make 3 car and 1 mortgage payment. Likely, you will have to sue her for your "share" while in college.

SS15: SHUT UP already. Why can't you go more than 3 minutes without running your mouth (even if you're talking to yourself)? Unless you're asleep, which is waaaaay too much. Favorite word: "crap" - and that is said 200+ times a day; usually while gaming and about every 45 seconds.

SS12: You are a disgusting scumball. Why do you always pitch a fit when DH says you have to take a shower? Your skin looks like desert camo and you STILL say you're not dirty. You make PigPen look like a clean freak. Why do you always pick a fight with SS15 when you're bored (and always about something that happened MONTHS ago)? We have tons of things you can do - crush cans, weed, wash windows, sweep the floor. And STOP SNOOPING IN OUR THINGS!!!

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SS15: constant lying, extreme laziness, staring at you like you have two heads when asked a question, any question.

Me: SS15, is your laundry done?
SS: *crickets*
Me: SS? Did you hear me?
SS: Uuuuhhhhhhhh...........
Me: it's a yes or no question.
SS: is my laundry done?
Me: Is. Your. Laundry. Done?
SS: Uuuuuhhhhhh......


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Not eating what is made for meals and always demanding snacks instead. Every supper is a fight.
As soon as Daddy walks in the door after work, this whinny voice I never heard all day comes out.
Asking for something and changing her mind a few minutes later. Have started enforcing a sticking with your choices rule, so choose carefully. I

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We now have the rule that if it stays on the floor, it goes into the garbage. SS15 lost an almost new t-shirt. Still snickering about that one...

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SD12 RUINS every song my DD20 and I love by playing it over and over until she learns it and then she SINGS it... horribly... off key. DD20 texted a recording to her aunts so "they could enjoy it too." One of my sisters texted back and said it was more painful to listen to than cats breeding. I agree.

We also have the Daddyyyyy thing going, in an exceptionally whiny, baby-fied voice.

Attention whore to the max.

Thinks she can insult and mistreat others and then say, "Sorry!" and everything should be all peachy. Uh... no.

NEVER happy with what I cook, even if I KNOW she likes it.

Eats every bite of every expensive snack food we bring into the house... whole bags of chips, entire container of ice cream, etc. Snack foods are very expensive here because we try to buy organic/all natural. Or snack foods are homemade. She has been known to eat an entire pan of brownies and a whole batch of peanut butter cookies after we had all gone to bed.

Reports everything that goes on in our house to BM and makes up lies to boot.

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Pretends to wash her hands after using the toilet.

Never refills toilet paper-if it runs out, she uses her panties

Leaves shi*t smears and sometimes menstral blood smears on the toilet seat.

Smells like rotten crotch-even after she showers.

Interrupts conversations.

Always has to know what the adults are talking about-tries to be part of adult conversations as if her input is needed or wanted.

Constantly corrects her step-sister, father and SM.

Always has to one-up everyone. Even if she has to lie to do it.

Lies constantly. She never does anything wrong, never breaks the rules, always does what she was supposed to do. "I promise to God"

Has mini-wife syndrome-except its better now that her dad told her off, but still tries to act like it with me.

Brags about having a lot of siblings-even though she had nothing to do with it. In fact NONE of the skids were planned pregnancies.

Brags about her grades even though she's socially retarded.

Constantly wanting what other people have: new clothes, the latest phone, the best computer, the biggest TV

She's a glutton-she eats like a horse and she's fat as a cow. Can't go 3 blocks away without "I'm hungry" coming out of her mouth.

She's a know it all.

She's at my home 50% of the time and her very presence makes me want to leave the room. Often times I do.

She is lazy.

She is manipulative

She pilfers in my room and I have to lock up my belongings.

I have to keep my toothbrush, contact solution, etc under lock and key for fear of her "contaminating them".

She put a wedge between dh and I

When Dh and I got back together, she threw a fit "I don't want them (me and BD13) here!!" *Dh told her she could live with her mom...ha!

THinks the world revolves around her-is only able to think of herself

Has to have the first shower if BD13 and her are both here, but WONT shower if BD is not here...just showering to be in BD's way.

It would take a lot less time to list what I do like about SD12 because there is nothing, not one thing that I like about her.

As for the adult Skids:

Barging into my home unannounced and uninvited and unexpected.

Only one of them is worth a dime.

Two of them are criminals

One of them is on welfare

One disrespects me

One pretends I don't exist-which really, I guess is ok

2 are only in my dh's life to see what they can get off him

They all hate me because I am in the way of their inheritance which is funny since Dh OWNED NOTHING but a 15 year old truck when we met. HE AND I have worked for everything we have.

There's nothing about the adult skids I like except for the one skid-he stays away out of state, never comes around, never asks for any handouts.

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Hopefully this doesn't cancel out my list of 3 "positive" things I'm making about SS20 every day at the moment!

1. Lies.
2. Is weird.
3. Laughs like a loud hyena all the way through movies even if they are war/action movies.
4. Puts dishes into the dishwasher still filled with food ie. a half eaten bowl of noodles sitting face up. ?????
5. Uses up all the internet downloading movie after movie even after he's been told I need the internet for work at home.
6. Wants sleepovers every week at age 20.
7. Continually butts into dinner conversation (or any conversation) with something totally unrelated to the topic of conversation.

No complaints at all about SS17.

Phew that feels better. I did have to restrain myself, I could easily go to 50 I'm sure.

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FDH has a habit of leaving socks everywhere BUT the hamper. Irritates the crap out of me, but It's not a hill to die on.

He also has this weird snoring thing he does at night..Like he makes this noise almost like he is drinking something. It's weird, like he gulps air and it is the single most irritating thing I have ever heard before. (No, it's not sleep apnea or anything, his job had him tested for all that) I just turn my NPR App on so I dont hear him.

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* always needing something, toys, clothes, bathing suits, etc...
* daaaaaaaadddddyyyyyyy
*incapable of doing anything for themselves, even at 9 and 10 years old. ie, pouring a glass of water, or taking a blanket off if too hot.
*lazy as hell, will boss DH around, although he has been making them do things lately, which is great
*cannot entertain themselves for even a few minutes
*every meal is a fight, I don't eat with them anymore
*they are in the beginning stages of PAS from their horse beast mother, to watch them hurt their dad repeatedly makes me want to do very mean things
*OSD won't do anything physical (I mean stuff like ride a bike, roller skate, etc...)because she has braces... I don't know wtf...