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TOTALLY unrelated but hoping for help…PayPal

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Not related but hoping someone can offer advice... My ex used my PayPal account to try and sell a firearm part which I did NOT know. Because of this I now have a lifetime Ban from using PayPal! I have called PayPal and explained this and got nowhere. I've started doing sells on line to make extra money BUT found most EVERYONE wants to pay by PayPal which I can't use. 

My question is has anyone had this experience or any suggestions??? Is there a way I can get my PayPal account reinstated or am I screwed 

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Can you set up a different paypal account linked to a different email address and bank account number?

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A new bank account would issue a new credit card. As for address, I doubt paypal has any way of checking. It still has my parents house listed on mine from 15 years ago because I've been too lazy to update.