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Stepson of billionaire attends concert during search for stepdad

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Stepson of billionaire missing on Titanic sub defends attending Blink-182 concert to 'cope'

My feeling on this: He doesn't give a rat's arse about his stepdad...put it on social media that he's attending the concert and that it's helping him "cope" as his stepdad is 1,000+ miles deep under the ocean possibly still ALIVE and may be trying to find an air supply in the last potential hours.

...Time might be better spent researching technology to help his stepdad or energy to continue to raise support for helping find him alive but alas a concert for his "feels" take priority. Afterall his life is not in danger but his FEELINGS and life are impacted by all this. Poor lil adult skid. 


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FYI I just realized another blog on this "steplife drama and the missing tourist submarine by ESMOD. <3 Good insight on there. 

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Would do. Along with posting on social media to garner as much pity as possible!

It's sad, really sad. And he will probably have a breakdown if he's not set to inherit a fortune. 

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It is sad, really sad @Notthedoormat. Since cancel culture is a thang, why not cancel culture any undeserving SKIDs who publically disrespect their stepparents and try to become popular on top of it all. He's tone deaf. 

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Cardi B fired shots at him that he was using his Step dad's situation for clout, attending the Blink 182 concert and I guess attempting to score with a few OnlyFans models because now people "know" who he is. Cardi B ragged on him for not giving two shits about his StepDad or the peril he faced. She said he should have been home with his Mom and family during that time instead of out partying. 

The skid came after Cardi B, accusing her of trying to improve her career off of their family's devastation. He said that he has legal situations that prevent him from leaving California, but he is worried about his Mom and the fact that she is alone with kids to take care of. IMO he doesn't seem too worried to me! He also said that his family would have wanted him to attend the concert to help him cope, since it's his favorite band. WHATEVER. 

This kid sucks. 

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I think those legal situations are stalking and threating to shoot up a venue.

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@advice.only2 is that true? OYE...if that is true that is really scary, he is sick and needs recieving help pronto. 

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WOW @CastleJJ. Yeah, Cardi B doesn't need secondary fame she's made it already. She's my hero in this situation- spot on assessment. SKID legal situations, Blink 182 concert, OnlyFan models - totally yuck at 37. Actually makes me much more grossed out knowing that is what his priorities were at 37. he pretty much stomped on his stepdad's grave. Could this FINALLY be a tide change for stepparents? This is so atrocious could we see the pendelum swing in our favor and make these adult SKIDS button up their lip, be RESPECTFUL and shot down when they are spewing garbage? 

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Horrible brat. He might not gives a rats about his step dad but he should be thinking of his mother and other relatives and supporting them.

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And the way things are looking for me today - that life insurance I have through work is going to change beneficiaries REALy soon here.