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So sick of the crap.

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I thought I finally had an out. It seemed so perfect that I jumped on it in half a second.

My wife and I were arguing (again, nothing new). This time though, she got wild, and began swinging at me while I had my daughter in my arms. She connected my my body and my face while I was shielding the baby.

I left immediately. I wasn't going to hit back. I took the child. I called the police to report. The police went, and...... filed a report, I guess?

No handcuffs, no jailtime for assault. No CPS to take her kid away. I couldn't even have them remove her from my home because "she has a kid to take care of too, and she's on the mortgage", according to one of the officers.

When her ex did the same thing to her, she called the cops and they threw him in a cage for a whole year.

I thought this was the end of steplife for me, but as it turns out where I live, the standards are different from women to men. 

This actually happened, yesterday. I can't believe it myself.

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I suspect an attorney who specializing in men/father's rights would suggest you have an audio recorder on your person and in operation at any time you are with your wife.  Next time it might be her who calls the police on you, even if you've done nothing, and they'll probably do something about that.  You know she's conniving and dishonest, based on what she's done to her other kid's father.  Protect yourself - it looks like the gloves are off at this point.

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Before recording, please check your state's laws. Some state's require all parties be informed and/or give consent. 

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Yes, there is a double standard. And I don't mean to be sarcastic at all, but be grateful she didn't turn it around on you successfully and get you arrested, that happens to men too.  The police show up and the woman claims abuse, and they arrest the man who was actually the victim.

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FInd an attorney, get all evidence of her behavior and be ready for a fight.  My guess is after you calling the cops things will get worse.

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File a protection order.  That will keep her away from you and  your home.

While she is living under the local overpass, file for divorce, file for temp custody of your daughter, file assault charges for her beating you, and get set to destroy her toxic ass in court.

I would do nothing but destroy this woman if I were you.

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This really sick woman needs a karma bus t hit her. But I hope that you have contacted a lawyer and have some options lined up.

So many times women cry abuse and its actually THEM that are the culprits.

For example, Toxic Troll BM has always accused DH of abusing her. its completely unfounded and made up, but she will insist until she is blue in the face. Then on social media he is the best baby daddy and exhusband EVER.


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I have wanted you to leave this woman since forever. Keep us updated. (By the way, what was the argument about this time ?)

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I took the baby upstairs to calm her down before bed too early. The beginning is always low-key, but then she'll bring the bigger problems into the argument. She knows her child is feral and I keep the baby away from it, and it bothers her to no end.

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So what's the latest? Can you reach out to that kindergarten that dismissed your SD on her first day, and ask them to act as witnesses, should you need one?

By the way, I realise this is your home, but do you have any friends and family you can stay with temporarily.?

What's happening in the house now, after the incident and getting the cops involved?