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SD17 is about to make a REALLY bad decision... Part two

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SOOO SD17 went to the part that she was looking to hook up with her friend's Ex. I guess they were going to play spin the bottle and she was hoping to hook up with this boy during the party.

WELL, she's now posting SEVERAL pictures of herself crying with the caption "just got regected" with tears and makeup streaming down her face, pictures with the caption,  "just threw up" with her crying making a peace sign, several random pictures where shes obviously been crying. She is sooo obssessed with getting with ANY guy that would take her, and this guy showed her SOME affection (like a hug), and she REALLY thought she had a chance with him because of that, and I feel bad for her, but I honestly think that she needs to not be SOOOOOO desparate to get with just ANYONE... If he had hooked up with her and then got what he wanted and moved on, that would have probably devestated her even more... but for now she's just posting SEVERAL crying pictures... and think of crying like SOBBING with snot shooting out her nose, crying so hard that she literally vomited type crying... like these pictures are gross crying, not cute daytime TV drama crying.


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Sounds like she wants attention and sympathy just as much as she wants a boyfriend. 

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True, she LOVES being the victim. She always creates situations in which she can play victim. 

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This kid is pathetic on oh so many levels.  Despirate, and attention seeking.

These kids will suffer from this crap for their entire lives. The internet is forever and putting that kind of crap out there is something they will regret.

What I find interesting is that she is nearly an adult woman.  It is not hard for women to engage in a booty call if the spirit moves them.  The challenge for young men is significantly more difficult.  But even young men can make it happen with some creativity and effort.

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I'm not sure she could, and if she wanted to just have some booty call, that's fine, my 17 & 18yo DD are sexuality active. The fact that she basically broke her friend up with this guy, then as soon as they broke up tried to pounce on him... it's all very desperate. Then she posts all these pictures of her crying... it's even more desperate. For me, it's hilarious... but i do feel sorry for a bit, but feel as though this is all her doing... I'm wondering how much her "friends" "have her back" on this... 

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As for her friends having her back.... not likely. They may pay lip service to her barf/cry social media posts but odds are they are shredding here behind her back.

We are fortunate. FB and other social media is purely a stay in contact tool for us and not a LAME conduit.  Look At ME!.

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Exactly what fb and Instagram is for me as well.  I use it to stay in contact and up to date with distant family and old friends. I would be humiliated if anyone saw me crying like this... let alone post it to where EVERYONE sees it, sheesh! 

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I despise this TikTok generation. All they care about is posting selfies looking for attention.

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She does weird things on social media too - like when she peirces something or has a bloody nose she will post pics of the blood dripping off her fingers and down her face. Or post about her jammed thumb with a picture.

Sad but just really wrong.

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I wouldn't mind that sooo much. At least she isn't crying and trying to get everyone to pity her after creating the situation that got her there. 

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My Skid has an extremely low level of social media presence. Almost zero FB though he will occasional comment on a family member post.  Mostly just FB Messenger with his mom and I.  Probably because he has always been one to avoid attention.  He just prefers to be a quiet leader rather than a Look at meeeeeeeee type.  Also not unlikely is because as a gay man he wants to avoid interference in his life and career.  He wants to be gauged on his performance and not as an inclusivity focused token.

My niece used to have a fairly active FB and Social Media presence in HS and college.  But she realized that pics of college parties was probably not a great thing to have out there when looking for jobs so she has toned it down.  She is a brilliant and beautiful young woman.  Since marrying she and her DH are definitely a power couple. Even among her extremely affluent friends.  He just was promoted to a Sr Finance Mgr role and she was just promoted to a Sr. Acctg Mgr role.  She will turn 28 next month. He is 30.  Both are people my bride and I like very much.