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Old habits die hard (funny)

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We have a teen family member (DH's side) staying with us for a week. When her mom was on the way here with her to drop her off, they were about 30 minutes out when DH told me he "had" to run to the grocery store to buy orange juice. We don't drink orange juice. I'm looking at him like he's crazy. He was practically insisting that he had to go get orange juice for the morning. 
"DH, the last time they were here, you bought a big old thing of orange juice and I ended up throwing it out because no one drank it." 
He seemed irritated with me. Irritated! So, he didn't rush out in a freaking panic and buy the juice. 
I told him that we can find out what teenager likes and drop by the store the next day, if necessary. sheesh. 
Clearly, his brain was on Daddy Puppet Mode from long-ago Skid Visits--the near panic to make sure the skiddoss had everything they needed to prince and princess perfection.

I was out the next day. Came home to find apple juice, not orange juice, in the fridge, since DH had asked teen relative what she liked. I laughed. By the way, it's so nice to have a teenager in the house who says things like, "Thank you," who cleans up after herself, who is, dare I say, normal. What a pleasure.  

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one thing my granddaughter has taught me is that today's favorite will probably not be tomorrow's favorite.