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Happy Mother’s Day ladies.

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I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day.  

Whether Bio, Step, adoptive, Grand, or a motherly influence, thank all of you for what you do.

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Thank you Rags!!!

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Thank You. I know my SO kids does not view me as their parent just as a support but today went smoothly in the celebration. I basically did everything. It's alot so Happy Mother's Day for all the diligent mother's.

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mothers day is always really sucky.

But went out to dinner with my mother. Backstabber and Feral Forger were with Toxic Troll, so it was all smooth sailing!

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Iam glad that you were able to have time with your mom.

I am in LV at my new job and mom and my DW are in TX.  I did speak with both of them and wished them HMD.

I am sorry that the day is sucky for you from the SM perspective.

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Yeah, and JUST found out that DH likes to text Toxic Troll her "happy mothers Day" every year, because he told me yesterday that "this year he would NOT be texting her".

So, now double-sucky for me.

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Fortunately, the SpermIdiot nor anyone in the SpermClan ever contacts DW these days and never have wished her a HMD.  At least in the past 26+ years.

She has never expected it and I am fine with them staying under their slime covered rock at the bottom of their shallow and polluted gene pool.