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Happy belated Mother's Day to all those who take the actions of mothering.

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I hope you all had a great day with your spawn regardless of their biology and also with your SOs on your day.

A day that celebrates mothers and all they do for their children and families.

Thanks ladies.


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Hey Rags,

I don't even have to ask about your Bride's Mother's Day; I'll bet the farm that you made it special for her. 

Thanks for the sentiments! They are much appreciated.

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She and the kid thought I had lost the plot.  We spent most of the day at the house we are selling overseeing the make ready cosmetic repairs.  A great Mother's day right.  

I texted the kid to make sure he called his mom.  Good thing I did.  He forgot it was mother's day.  She did not know of course but I kept that between he and I.  He called his mom to wish her a happy mother's day  and while they were talking he asked what the plans were for her mother's day. She threw me under the bus and told him that I had no plans.   

We got home from the other house at 6pm where a gave her a mother's day gift, 3 dozen roses and told her we had to leave in 30mins for 7PM dinner reservations at a recently re-opened gourmet restaurant that flooded during Hurricane Harvey in 2017.  

So, not a perfect Mother's day but even she indicated that I had redeemed myself.