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even famous people have step issues

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has anyone shared this? this is a quote from the article:

"All the Spencer children behaved very badly to Raine, it wasn't just Diana. They were purposely ganging up on her."

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After reading the article, I think Raine should have followed my advice below. (PS, I did have something else originally posted here.)

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I want to know the story behind the push.

Was Raine attacked out of thr blue by Diana?
Did the push come after Raine hit or pushed Diana?

Did you read what Raine did when she moved into the family home? She started decorating the home(normal). Instead of giving the kids furniture/pictures that had been in the family for centuries, she sold it.(spiteful)

It sounds like Diana and Raine both were

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Diana was a head case. She had a thing for stairs....Raine wasn't the only victim. Diana also threw herself down the stairs while pregnant with William. Nutso broad.

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Well that's Dailymail, that's a tabloid "yellow" press type of thing. They print everything they can lay their hand on. True or not. It's not a reputable media at all

Saying that who knows what really happened. Diana had issues that's for sure.

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In that tv documentary Diana said something like 'we (her siblings and her)only heard that he had married Raine when we read it in the newspaper' She also said that she was so angry about it she faced up to her father and ended up slapping him across the face for marrying her. How could he marry that awful woman? Something along those lines. I remember thinking 'another step brat'... who is she as one of his children to decide whether and whom he should marry. OK, if he didn't tell them he was marrying then that's not nice but I expect from her reaction he had good reason.

I used to be on Diana's side and felt sorry for her upbringing and family problems but hearing her say these things put an end to my sympathy. She was just being a brat.

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Same old story of skids being territorial over the ancestral home. How dare SM change anything that disturbs the memory of the 1st family! Dad likely told her to do it but it was because he was brainwashed by evil sm. Diana felt that her mother wasn't being paid enough attention so she shoves SM down the stairs, wow.

When dad was sick SM took care of him and kept his kids away, oh doesn't she sound wicked }:) I'm guessing SM and dad may have been scared of what his own children would do to him. The family obviously has some serious issues.

Raine should be cannonized for all she went through yet still had the grace to reconcile w/Diana. She's a better person than me.

I think the main point of this story is for SM to stay off the stairs when skids are around.