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Demi Moore

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Ok, so this sounds terrible because poor old Bruce Willis, but I was wondering if anyone else here gets a bit sick at the thought that Demi Moore is very present in Bruce's home. Maybe they are better people than I, but if my BF's ex wife ever ingratiated herself so firmly into our home life I would explode with rage. 
it's all just too eurgh for me. Curious what others think? 


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I sort of felt the same way when Eddie Van Halen passed too.. Valerie Bertinelli was very much in the news over it all.

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This was the first thing that came to my mind as well. I suppose it may actually help Bruce's current wife to have Demi drawing the media attention away, but I thought Valerie's conduct after her ex died was distasteful and over the top.

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I think with celebrities they function at a different level because they are sort of removed from each other to begin with.  The kids are raised by nannies (so that eliminates fighting over custody), and it’s hard to hate somebody you probably only saw in between your acting schedules.   Actors are all about appearances also, so if playing "happy cohesive family" for a few minutes is going to garner them public attention and put them in a good light they have no problem doing it.

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Yes, you're right. Good points. Unfortunately this image then makes the rest of the world think this is so lovely and why can't everyone be like them. 
My BF and ex wife were a bit like this in the beginning. They would have loved it if we all acted like Bruce and Demi. For the first few years I went along with celebrating her birthday, her and ex mil celebrating my BF birthday, hell I even spent a new year with her at their old marital home. It has scarred me. I drew my boundaries and refused to play this Disney land bs. 
There should be boundaries after a divorce and room for the new relationship to grow. How can you grow as a couple with the ex breathing down your neck. 
thanks for your views. 

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Can't believe anything that comes out of Hollywood. Also, a lot of those celebrities have open marriages anyway, so lack of loyalty or fidelity or even emotional cheating might not be hurtful to them like it is to people who want more traditional relationships. 

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When I read how Valerie acted when Eddie died it turned my stomache.

DH and I had a laugh this morning over the latest NJ Housewives episode (dont judge us, we live in Jersey and get a kick out of it during our hour together in the morning).

To break it down for the non-watchers: Frank and Dolores have been divorced for YEARS due to his cheating, but co-parented and even lived together while the dated other people.  Dolores has a new man who has boundries and Frank is all butt hurt because it is changing the dynamic of his family.  It's funny to watch this huge Jersey guy all in his fee fees because his ex is putting her new man first. 

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Celebrities are primarily narcissistic and most of the actors I have met live on an emotional edge. 

I heard stories from a reliable source working on many sets in Hollywood that when Jim Carrey would take a role and show up on set he would morph into what he believed that person would be. He would get that much into the character and not shut off. That was his form of method acting. It threw those who were not used to him into confusion.

It is a world I do not understand. How someone can walk around for months and not break character does not make sense to me. You have to live disconnected from reality in order to do that i.e. Will Smith slapping Chris Rock over a silly joke and then delivering a speech about how he defends his family. His character was the Williams sister's dad and he was still in character when he did that, at least that is what I believe.

This is why I don't understand why anyone would ever take any advice from an actor outside of their craft, which is quite impressive. When it comes to marriage advice, kid advice, interior decorating, etc I would not want any advice or their opinions. 

These two probably had an open marriage which is the norm for that culture.

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I don't know enough about it, was this the case before his health took a big decline?  I can sort of see that being the scenario where I could be ok with it...  

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I don't like it.  If he is on such friendly terms with Demi, why didn't they just stay married and not put their kids through the pain of divorce and the new spouse through the pain of always feeling like the interloper.  I find it really disturbing.  Just my opinion.

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I'm going to go against the tide here..

Maybe Emma is actually glad of Demi's and her daughters support? I work in healthcare, and visiting families who are looking after loved ones with cognitive decline, I see the enormous stress they are under. 

If they all get on well, I can't see the problem.... didn't they all live together in lockdown?

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because the responses were so overwhelming negative.  Your response is spot on, and u are right, they all lived together during the pandemic.  I think it is inspiring to see two families pull together to support a loved one.  We should all be so blessed and perhaps not so quick to judge.

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I was hoping to hear differing views, thank you. I struggle with seeing the beauty of everyone caring for someone they love and the roles they all have. I think it's because I have battle scars from my own struggle with the ex. 
I personally do not see the need for any ex to be this close, and living with them in lockdown- that's a hard no. 
but I do also see that the bigger picture here is caring for a sick person. 
thank you, both for sharing your opposing view. It helps me to regulate the extreme emotions of step life. 


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However, as public personalities, there may be some PR impetus in this.  If Demi demonstrates anger and resentment towards Bruce it can impact her persona, their dauthers's public standing, etc.

Hopefully they truly are a big, close, happy,  multiple phase blended family.


I met Bruce when I worked in his home town in the early 00s for a number of years.  He was a pleasant guy when I met him a couple of times at what I was told was  his favorite watering hole.  The plant I was at had the Bruce phone tree and when he was in town a number of people he had grown up with, etc... would show up at his favorite bar. I was invited a couple of times.

He supported his disabled cousin in that town providing a home and a living stipend, and did a lot of community support investments.