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This could be the end!!!!!

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I have been Mr. HouseHusband for the past couple of months. This evening I screwed up... BAD!

DW asked me to put my two white T-shirts in with her load of "Lights" and wash them.  There were a few things in her laundry basket that I would not qualify as "lights" so I asked.  

Her answer "If it is in the basket wash it... but not on HOT!" So I complied.   She just went in to move the stuff from the washer to the dryer.  

DW: "Hey!  How long have we been married?"

Rags:  "Umm... 24 years, 9 months and 15 days. Why?"

DW: "How many times have you seen me do laundry."

Rags:  "More than I can count... obviously."

DW: "So WHY is my $150 bra in the washing machine."

Rags: "Because you told me to wash everything in your basket with my two white T-shirts."

DW: "Alright smart ass!  You know what I meant.  Why isn't the bra in the net bag?  You put the bag in the washer but did not put the bra in the lingerie wash bag!"

Rags: "Ummmm, I don't have bras and I did what you told me to do.  The mesh bag must have been in the middle of the wad of your clothes. I just grabbed it and threw it all in .... just like you told me to.  Did I ruin your bra?"

DW: "Grumble, grumble, grumble..... It is not about the bra. It is about what the bra may have snagged on and ruined, it is about the bra being tangled together with other stuff. ..... grumble, grumble, grumble.... maybe bent the underwire..... harrumph!!!!

Rags: .......Slinks away to pack my shit and move out before my body disappears.

It looks like I may soon be on the market for a new bride.  Preferably one that doesn't wear a bra.  That would be a safer marriage for me than this one... apparently.

Wink  *wink*   *wink*

Just kidding of course.  But my life was hanging in the balance there for a minute.

Wow, How I love this woman.  And she makes me laugh.  Lucky for me... this time I was only laughing on the inside.  If it had been out loud..... there would be a missing person's report and a search for my body forthcoming.


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Never mess with the bra, Rags.  After 24 years, 9 months and 15 days, you know that.

My mom was banned from doing my dad's laundry 25+ years ago after she turned all his underwear pink.  I guess he thought he was punishing her.  LOL.

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I don't let me DH do laundry either! Can can do folding duty but he isn't allowed to put things in the washer or dryer. I have too many flat dry, hang dry, gentle cycle, NICE BRA's for him to mess up! 

I am glad that you are keeping a sense of humor when things could seem down!!


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This is exactly why men have limited underclothes options.  We just keep it simple.  But the junk in either briefs, boxers, or boxer-briefs (I am boxer brief guy myself) and some color of undershirt.... or we just "free ball" it.

Never again will try to "help" when there is a bra involved. 

I am no dummy.  I won't risk my life over violating the very secret code of brasier care best practices.


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If your junk was supported by briefs with an underwire that some idiot washed then ran through a hot dryer cycle and the wire was now all twisty and more like barbed wire you would be pretty PO'd as well ~ the "twins" would risk being skewerd ala shish kabob..shish ka balls more like it.



Are you out of the dog house ,Rags?

I hope so as this was your first laundry infraction.Though it WAS a biggie.


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She has allowed me to survive.  Your underwire underwear example gave me clarity.  

Shish-ka-balls!  Ugh!


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DH got banned from my light washes when he put my gi (karate uniform) in with reds and I ended up with a pink gi. I didn't feel very fierce in a pink gi, so DH tried to fix it by bleaching it. With every technique, a waft of bleach smell wafted throughout the dojo. "OK, DH, thanks for the thoughtful action, but I'll just take care of my gi myself." Then, he put my mouthguard in the dishwasher and it melted. "OK, DH, I love that you support my martial arts, but I'll take care of my gear from now on. Don't worry about it."

I went to work and exchanged husband stories with the ladies and we all wondered if our DHs screw up so that they don't have to do it again. LOL!

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LOL! I can relate to that one! Except it was me who made the fatal uniform (dobok) error. DH and I do taekwondo, and the night before a belt advancement test I bleached our doboks up so they'd be nice and crisp and bright. They were certainly... fragrant, and the entire classwas well aware that I used bleach! I haven't put bleach anywhere near them again! *ROFL* 

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and i thought $50 for a bra was a lot that i started buying a few years ago because of the same philosophy - you pay for what you get - and quality is better than quantity!!  haha  if it works for her, that's all that matters.