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Beard envy.

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Watching my kid get a haircut and shave.  I found a nice men’s barber shop/salon not far from our new home.  I had the cut and shave last week and thought he would enjoy it.

So here I am in the throws of full on beard envy.

My beard looks like an albino Chia pet with mange on its best day.  This kid has a beautiful beard.  Perfect coverage, lays down nicely, holds a perfect shaped edge and he looks like a male model.  Like his old man used to back in the day.  Except I could never rock the scruff.

It is great to have him home.

I love this young man beyond words.   He is doing well in his career, advancing his education and is extremely sharp.  He truly is a young man of character.

Yep, I am one proud dad.

But I want his beard.  No kid needs a beard that good.

Grumble, grumble, grumble.


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Hey Rags,

Your son has a helluva lot more going for him than an outstanding beard et al.  Specifically, an outstanding Dad.

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My DH is in the same boat. Our oldest is 16.  He has long, luscious curls (that he takes fine care of) and a nice goatee going on. DH hates the hair (20 years in the USAF) but lusts over that facial hair LOL.

Glad that your son has come to visit, and that you are sharing things like this with him while he is here.  You have done a fine job raising him, so don't worry about the beardage!

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My partner has a nice beard. My son (age 11) is a bit obsessed with it. I'm buying him his own on Amazon for Christmas. 

You could always do that. :-) 

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hiya rags!  that's too funny - i am also super jealous of my kids' hair, they have the thickest hair with incredible body that always looks perfect even without styling products.  thankfully not much facial hair yet to compete with dh's lol but omg at their hair....