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Child Support until 22 ?!?!

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Is anyone or their spouses obligated to pay child support until the child is 22 as long as they are enrolled in college???

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My ex has to pay child support until age 25 if the children live at home and are in school. He is also supposed to pay part of their post secondary, extra-cirricular activities and braces, etc. However, he does pay child support which hasn't been increased or altered in 12 years. He doesn't provide anything towards their other expenses and I don't care. I am just glad to be rid of his abusive, life threatening behaviour. I have been the sole provider for my children for 14 years, even when into a second marriage. I just paid $8,000 for braces for 2 kids as I am contributing to their post secondary expenses as well. But that is better investment than one's children. I don't invest in my current spouse's children though: that is his concern. Callous? Maybe, but I have to take care of my own. I am the only one who will!

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My dad pays my mom CS on my brothers, one is going to be 21, he is in collage, thats why it goes until 22, same w/ my younger brother who is now 16.....if he goes to collage too, my dad has to pay until he is 22 as well......the poor bastard will probably be dead by then.~ " I started out clean, now, I'm jaded"~ Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20

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It has to be agreed apon in the divorce decree...before the divorce is final, that they will do this, otherwise it is 18 and out....BM cannot spring it on you later.~ " I started out clean, now, I'm jaded"~ Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20

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I our state, it is 19 (college and all that stuff doesn't matter. Nineteen.

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Same here. The laws vary from Province to Province but the rule of thumb is 23 or the first degree (18 if they have no plans to further their education)

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In MN, it's 18 and/or out of high school. So in my case, BS16's child support will end in a little over 2 years, if he graduates on time.