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Why am I making father's day good when mother's day

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Mother's day sucked a**

I sent my mother flowers In hospice to be there the Saturday before . She passed that Friday. I couldn't even have the brain cells to refund it.  I want to thank everyone for your prayers and wishes during that time. She is with many very loyal puppers a few relatives , and one amazing aunt. I miss her every single day.

I might post about the funeral someday but it didn't do her enough justice and I cried with her urn over a few double whiskeys at O'Hare

For father's day I actually have a cool present planned. The kids are placing all their old work my husband has into a very nice binder so it stays together vs the massive s**t " folder it was. It's looking sharp 

Father's day always bugs me a bit personally as besides some chocolate or flowers ( one time in the five years I've been in this gig full time ) I never get anything meaningful for mother's day 

Worst thing being that eldest and my husband teased some grand mother's day idea for me and just dropped it . Said idea was after my mother passed it wasn't like it was a distraction.

To the step dad's - I hope you are appreciated this Sunday. To the step moms - let's grab a drink

Stay healthy



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Really I suggest thing to DH that I like too as nd it's done. BBQ burgers, home made ice cream. Done.

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Sorry to hear about your moms passing. We have nothing planned for tomorrow. I bought the new garbage cans that he wanted yesterday because we were at Home Depot and in his truck lol. 

Your gift sounds like a great idea. Keep your head up. 

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I am so sorry about your mom passing. Be good to yourself. Not sure what I will do for Fathers day either, since DH just forgot my birthday, which I am still sore about.

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Oh, no he didn't! You should have told him what you expected in advance, and then tore him a new one if he failed to follow through.

Remember, we teach people how to treat us. 

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I am so sorry for your loss.

Taking my Dad and Mom out for a nice little daytime dinner in a garden setting. My husband and SD16 are along for the ride.

I never got a word of acknowledgement for mothers/stepmothers day. NADA. My birthday is coming up in 2 1/2 weeks. Im planning something special for myself, and will see how it goes with others. What happens (or doesnt happen) will dictate what I do (or dont do) for the future...


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I'm sorry for the loss of your mother, Lady T. Hugs to you, and a toast to her memory.