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Best buds again?! Really??

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Well after blow up of SD20 cussing me out, DH and SD20 are best buds again like nothing happened, after she told DH that she didn't want anything to do with either one of us, DH is kissing her ass big time. WTF??? Really??? Pisses me off!! Like okay, you can disrespect my wife, and "I am cool"
They are like best buds again. Oh, she is not speaking to me (not that I want her to). GIVE ME A BREAK!!


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Sounds like my DH and his daughter- she does and says all sorts of stuff then acts as if nothing was said or done. Her dad is blind I swear to her ways.

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I really struggle with the relationship my DH THINKS he has with his daughter, Sd21.
I cannot believe he cannot see how toxic it is....... She never emails him, unless for money, she never sends cards ( or even an email!) for his BD, Father's Day, etc......
She doesn't work, education is taking up 6 months of the year so she does nothing for 6 months !!

He " panics" if he doesn't hear from her in like two weeks or so......he sends an email, in Guilty Dad mode.....yuk.....she then HONOURS him with a reply, a memail, she has yet another disorder/ disease/ illness, she cannot find ANY work, gee Daddykins.....books and stuff....are....expensive......HINT HINT....

And so this is their "relationship" .....I have disengaged...... What they have is not healthy.and that is not including all the past years of trouble with her.......

DH paid for her to fly over to visit us recently, and the younger Skid, paid for a lovely city break, outings, etc, etc......Sd21 came over with a huge, half empty suitcase.....she thought she would do her usual mega shopping spree on DH's dime...... Uh uh......DH stuck to his guns, said no ( I was amazed) Sd21 was shocked....what spend her own money!! NOOOO !! The horror!!
I do really think she came over to restock her wardrobe, as she could barely walk across a room without wheezing while here, was glued to her phone, or on her laptop...... There was no special time for my DH.

And so this is how it continues.......she does not respect DH, and I have no time for people who are like that...... I respect MYSELF far too much to ALLOW her to TRY any of this on me......

She thinks DH and her are being made to suffer at the hands of me Just another one of her fantasies......