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I just have to say...

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I just have to say that, as a nurse, calling them BM's is hilarious to me. I know it stands for birth/bio mom, but I see BM and I think exactly what she is. That makes me chuckle Smile


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And skids (if you don't like yours) would be funny like skidmarks. I love mine, but he was a 'lil skidmark at the beginining until the boundaries and discipline go set up.

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It stands for what? I'm a former vet tech. I thought it stood for...nevermind. I find my first definition more appropriate in my particular situation, anyway.

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I'm not an RN, just a perpetual 12 year old at heart I guess. I made that joke to BF the first time I saw this website... "BM is an appropriate acronym cuz that's what she IS".

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That is funny. I wish mine would realize that she has no redeeming qualities and quit feeling sorry for her pathetic situation that SHE got HERSELF into. Get a job!!