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Empty Nest, Round Two - OR - I just might miss her a little bit :-)

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I don't remember if I posted about this in the last year, but last August, BabyVoice went off to her freshman year in college.  CovidCollege, so only one kid in each dorm room, virtual classes, no social gatherings, socially distanced marching band practices and performances were only on YouTube.  Her school gave the kids the option to go home at Thanksgiving and remain remote, cancelling the dorm contracts if that decision was made.  

BV asked us what we would think about her coming home and staying home.  I told her that if she was going to be confined to a small dorm room, better that she come home and be in her own big bedroom and blah blah blah, so that is what she did.  DH and I went and picked her up, brought her home and put all her dorm stuff in storage.   She finished the school year, started working at her old job, hanging out with her friends who had also come home, and generally blossomed into a really sweet and responsible young woman.

Next Friday, dorm move in round two starts.  Her university has mandated vaccines (she is fully vaxed) and so we are hopeful that this time, she will have the actual dorm/away from home experience.  We will get the stuff out of storage, pack up the Jeep and her car and head off to school.  Again.  

It has been a long time coming, but I think the nest will remain empty.  While I am looking forward to that, I have to admit, I am going to miss her.  After the journey we have had, I never thought I would say that, but there it is.

There is hope, afterall...


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in a way, yes.  You have been along for most, if not all, of the journey, so you know what a hard road it was.  She is still a little too timid, in my opinion, but that is something she and I have been working on all summer.  The other day she actually made her own dental appointment - lol!  

I am going to miss her :-) 

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I hope she has a better 'college' experience this time around.  Glad things are working out well for you.

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I really hope so, too.   She was so disappointed in her experience last year.  We are looking forward to going to some football games so we can see her play in the marching band Smile

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What a hopeful message for all the step-parents out there who are still in the trenches!  Thanks for posting and congratulations.

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It was a long, long and difficult road.  We got custody of DH's three kids back in 2012.  I had a different name here then, and all the blogs about the nonsense are long since gone, but the old-timers around here can attest to my journey Smile

It wasn't always pretty, that is for sure.  I disengaged entirely for a few years, and I have no relationship with DH's oldest, known around here as ASS, because, well, he was and remains an ASS...

But, here we are, and that is just the way we wanted it.  


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WOB, that's good news! Without you and your DH, BV would never have gotten to this stage in her life. IMO.

Empty nest? Nekkid picnic in the living room!

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That is almost word for word what my DH said - lol!

I think that all three have turned out to be successful young adults, and I think that you are correct, without us, there was a really good chance that that would not have happened.