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hospital (kaos), surgery (dh), and MOTY

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i've been relatively quiet here. kaos has been in the hospital since friday - they changed treatment tactics yesterday, so if there is not significant improvement today dh will discharge him himself from our local hospital, and take him to a well-known children's hospital in another town.

dh was supposed to have his pre-op appt on friday, of course that got rescheduled to yesterday, which was rescheduled for today. he's set for surgery tomorrow, *IF* all goes well with kaos. so i've already told the girls here at work that i will be out wed-fri this week. i'm just hoping the pitiful kid has marked improvement today - dh NEEDS this surgery and i'd hate to see it put off, although i'd totally understand if he needed to.

dumb@$$ has reared her ugly head a few times at the hospital, incoherent as can be. i told dh GOOD, i'm GLAD - not for kaos, but for her to show him herself what she's become. he wont hear jack schitt from dh or i about her (lord knows he wouldnt be receptive!) but he can see her with his own eyes and make his own opinions. even if he defends her blindly, any input about her comes straight from his own observations. funny sidenote, dh was talking to her own mother (g-ma) while kaos was in the bathroom, and he made a comment about her teeth. g-ma responds "well (insert dh's name), they're rotten!" - like, duuuhhh!!! g-ma refuses to leave kaos' room when dumb@$$ shows up.

and happy for me, dh's mother offered to stay the night w/ kaos, so dh was able to come home last night. YAY!!!!! even squirrel#1 was in a cuddlier mood this morning thanks to daddy being back in the bed. ^_^


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he was admitted friday. thursday him and lurch went to the dr for annual physicals and shots and whatnot. well kaos has a wart on his hand he's been phukking with (scratching, picking at, etc) they gave him a shot thurs to get rid of it, and the ER dr said even tho' they cleaned w/ alcohol before giving the shot, it may have already been opened due to his picking, and the needle probably drove bacteria way down deep. his hand looks like a latex glove that's been blown up with air.

friday he called dh from school in such awful pain he was crying. this kid does NOT cry from pain unless it's SEVERE. h3ll he's broken bones and not shed a single tear. the infection had traveled up his arm to the lymph nodes in his armpit, and into his chest to where he was having trouble breathing. THAT was what made dh take him to the ER.

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Oh hell, I hope it's not impetigo Sad that is horrible. Thinking of the little monster and wishing him a good recovery.

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oh, poor poor Kaos. As difficult as he can be behavior wise sometimes, he's just a kiddo. Poor fellow. Those IV antibiotics will do the trick, I bet.

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Prayers Tuff, update us when you get the chance, you have a lot on your plate. (( hugz))

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update - just talked to dh, he is on his way to the pre-op appointment. kaos' arm is responding to the current treatment, he will be getting three more bags and is likely to be released later on this evening. which also means dh can follow through with his surgery.

i'm PRAYING g-ma will take kaos for a couple of days to coddle him, cuz i dont think i could handle him pinballing around the house when i need to be helping dh... the first surgery last year was absolutely debilitating, so i'm already WELL aware of how much help dh will be needing.

and thanks everyone for all the hugs and prayers and good thoughts!!!

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That's great news Tuff, keeping you and DH and kaos in prayer though. Smile

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hey tuff I leave for 3 days and you post this Sad Sad Sad

send regards to Sir Breaks Allot I hope he is his old normal self after this op,
Hang in there, your name says it all TUFF..... you will get through this..

Regarding kaos - well I hope the boy comes to his senses now, it's probably all the evil that left his body, and I can't help to think about karma whipping him with a whip for being a little brat... but he will be back to his old tricks before long