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Phone Number Exchange?

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I have read some posts on here before about people talking about meeting up with others who write on here. I'm curious, has anyone thought about doing a number exchange with fellow step talkers? You know, for all those times where you are in a frustrating situation and you can't really get to the computer, but need to talk with someone who knows and understands the crap you are going through?


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Oh, of course lol, wouldn't just lay my # out there for the world to take.

I just thought it would be great for situations where you are out away from the computer or just can't gain access to it at that time but you really just need to shoot someone a text to vent it out!

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i'm a party pooper.i'll never give out my personal information,i don't trust anyone online.i might grow to appreciate and care about the people I converse with online but never trust.too much backstabbing in real life so goodness knows what could happen with people you've never even met having your information.

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Lol valid point....God knows I have met my share of crazies IRL. I'm in the same boat...I have a few close friends. They are all married with kids and careers so unfortunately there are very few times we get to spend time together. Two of my closest friends live two hours away. We are so strapped for cash that it's difficult to go out.

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I used to belong to a website for young widows and we had what they call widowbago's. We would have a forum that was separated by states and then they would post when they were going to do a dinner or a weekend in a particular state. It was great. There was a group of us that would meet up once a month for dinner to vent. I still talk to some and my husband has been gone for almost 9 years. I would love to meet up with stepparents in the Atlanta area if anyone wants to.

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OK can I just say that this is the BEST idea every!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet up with anyone from California once a month!! This would be soo perfect!

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I am leery of sharing my information with anyone online. I've seen the way BM presents herself online & know, for a fact, that she is nothing close to who she describes herself as being.

I know how easy it is to present myself as someone I'm not online. I've done it. It's no means impossible, but harder to fake who you truly are IRL.

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I'm in Northeast U.S. Doesn't seem like there's that many people on here in that area. But as far as phone goes, anything in U.S. would be all the same