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What do I do?

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:O My husband of 8 years just got custody of his two children. They both wanted to live with us due to the stepfather, he is an alcoholic. We have had the children for 6 months. On Thanksgiving the mother announced to both of the children that she was moving to minnesota, we live in georgia. I really could use so advice on how to handle the children after this announcement. They both feel that their mother does not care about them, because she is moving so far away. They do not want to spend all their time in the summer up there because they have friends in georgia that they want to spend time with. I would like to talk to the mother and let her know how the children are feeling but she has not spoken to either myself or my husband since the custody case. I do not think that she doesn't care I think that she is so embarassed about the outcome of the custody case because we live in a small town and everyone knows that she lost custody. Please help me.... I don't know what to do......


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i would say you have to let the BM go. Bm knows how them children feel and she is going on. I would address the kids and make sure they are ok and that you and your DH will be there for them and that their mother cares...all you can do. DO you get along with kids? it helps if you are.