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Update: Another Boon to Slackers Like The HousesHitter

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No in person summer school  in NY which all 3 ferals attended annually.   And how is turning in up to 50% of classwork considered "proficient?"

Again, the under-25 set are dangerously unprepared and unqualified to face real life.



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With as half-ass as schools are about finishing out the school year, if we enter next year with distance learning I really might pull my kids from public education. I will have to join a co-op or something because this is not going to work for us. My kids need more than clicking through some power points then taking an online quiz and writting on a message board once a week. 

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My kid is not school age yet so haven't been the school's business but....i wonder what charter schools will be doing - in house learning or distance learning.  I know DeVos is a huge advocate for charter schools. Dont get me started on that lady...but... recently in a blog Cuomo was discussed about closing public schools permanently....i wonder if its all part of the charter school agenda.

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VA doesn't have private school vouchers either. 

I have one currently in 8th and one in 6th. I really think that if it came down to public schools being closed I would do a home school co-op. I honstly don't have another $1500-3000 a month laying around for private education and neither does my kids dad. At least with a co-op they could be around other kids their ages and still actually learn. What is happening now is just stupid. 

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Yes, keep the masses dumb and dependent.

Couldn't pass a 16 year voting age, so infantalizing adults is the next best thing. Our school systems will soon become as much of a joke as (insert 3rd world country here).

Hmmm, now what sort of government would desire dumb and dependent masses who rely on handouts...

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My oldest son is in college. Colleges may do all online courses next year. He is really considering taking the year off (he also works full time, so not really "off") because the quality of education/learning is just not there and he doesn't want to pay for his education and not get it or a substandard education. 

Primary/middle/high schools may be trying... but parents aren't making sure kids are doing the work/participating. 

This last semester turned into a joke... hopefuly next year doesn't also. Essentially a whole year of missed learning is going to be VERY hard to catch. Even if all the kids are "passed" they are still behind. 


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My SSs are just wrapping up middle school. They are currently dong no work...they haven't checked in with their teachers at all since schools closed. Instead, they are playing XBox until 4am each day. 

I have often thought they it's too bad they weren't in high school right now, because they would surely be getting "passes" on several classes that would allow them to earn credits for graduation without doing anything. 

DH still thinks they'll go to college...I'm just hoping that they graduate from high school. 

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You should also be hoping that your husband doesn't want to throw money into the wind paying for college when they will fail.

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I've made it clear that if he wants to do that, he better start putting money aside and that money better not come from money needed for other expenses. 

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SS12's school is about the same way. But I already told him we will be spending his summer here catching up. You gotta graduate and go. He CANNOT and WILL NOT stay her after high school (unless he's in college). 

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I'm the only one making sd9 do school. Her bm is a drug addict/alcoholic and doesn't think school is important. The child hates coming to my house because I make her do school all day every day she is here, as well as shut her electronics off and no sugar is allowed so she can detox from bm toxic home. 
Her school is a joke. I check her homework before she turns it in and she can't even write a full sentence and spells phonetically. She is so far behind where I was at when I was her age it's disgusting. I am so appalled by the easy work she is given and the fact that she can't even do that. it's frustrating  to do her schooling with her but I cannot in good conscience allow a child to be in my home and turn in severly substandard work or not do any schooling at all! Ugh! 

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This whole thing with the schools is driving my youngest grandson bonkers. He is the type of kid that loves school work. The crap they have sent home for him to do, since the shelter in place order, is crap that he did in 5th grade. I didn't believe him until he pulled out some of his old school papers from when he was in 5th, I'll be damned, it's the same flipping paperwork. so we have Junior in High School doing 5th grade level handout paperwork, this is proof of how much they are dumbing down kids now days.

He was also told if there is no regular high school in the fall, he will not be able to take any college course without paying for them. At his high school, they can take college classes for free, if they keep all their high school grades up. This is such bullshit. I can see DAH and I paying for this kid to be able to take the college courses that he was looking forward to taking in the fall. Makes you wonder why the high school should even receive any money from the state.

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My kids both really enjoy school. They are both high achievers and my son is "gifted" so he get's to take all accelerated and higher than average classes. They are both so bored right now with the busy work. They are doing it, it just isn't anything new or challenging. The only reason that they are still doing it is because they want to maintain straight A's for the year. If they were the types to just care about passing they wouldn't be doing anything.