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Tried Hiring a Twenty Something

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Who already has two kids--single dad-- gets his kids every other week.  

Strike one: wanted to get paid up front acting desperate

Strike two: rescheduled the interview at the last minute

Strike three: The day he was to start work--a no show.  

I texted him "I take it you won't be coming today"

He responded: "I'll be there in 10 minutes."

I basically told him not to bother.   .Showing up late without notifying the employer on the first day in my day was UNHEARD of.  Can't wait for the emploYERS market to return.   These youngsters are in for a rude awakening.

So I hired my next door neighbor and the rental property's neighbor.  Both older women around my age.  They can't get over the amount of work needed and both wondered out loud how we possibly get it all done.  They are exhausted after 4 hours of painting work and hastily retreat.  I put in 8 hours of painting two days in a row out off sheer necessity.  Then coming back home to mow our lawn and start dinner/laundry.  It is a 2100 sq ft gutted house right to the brick walls.

Of course task master Chef poo pooed them basically implying that it's not that much work and you just "get er done."

He whips out one of his giant 24' extension ladders with ropes, flips up the feet and drives it into the ground for me to paint the porch of the rental next door .   The 24'  ladder was almost completely upright ignoring the 4 to 1/ 75 degree rule.  He actually expected me, a stb 63 yr old woman with a destroyed right shoulder to be able to paint off of it and unjam it out the ground and move it as I paint!!

I told him that I am NOT a 25 yr old man and proceeded to get the 6' step ladder from upstairs, using that instead.


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I could never imagine acting like that 20yr old did. You need $ so bad but was he even going to come in if you hadn't text? It sounds like just not showing up on the first day is very common now. 

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I work in the construction industry and trying to get ANYONE to work anymore feels like pulling teeth! But another part of me gets it. When Wendy's is offer $15/hr, why do the grueling labor in the hot sun for $2/hr more? Sure, it's a trade you learn and one day you will make substantially more, but for a young 20-something still learning, there is no instant reward. 

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Hiring has to be difficult when the "next best" option for many young people is sucking off their parents.. the govt.. or doing low expectation minimum wage type jobs (that now have to pay "living wages".. whatever the heck that is.. what happened to bunch of young adults sharing housing and driving beaters.. eating And it's like that dim wit on Tik Tok blathering on about what accomodations could be made for "time blindness".. when you can't be on time?  um.. does your phone not have alarms on it? 


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I am having a problem getting a plumber, for a 4 to 5 hour job. Replacing PVC line. Or two to three hours for two people. One plumber wanted $2,000.  Second said " I feel sorry for you, " asked why, still breathing, so ok. " big job wanted $2500. 
like I would never hire him with that attitude.    So paying high prices doesn't help.  
Thyed to higher a lawn person to cut my grass. Two people never showed up. One showed up never to hear from him again.  Had to go with a big company 

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I am so lucky my DH is someone that can fix just about anything.. the only time we even have cars at a mechanic is when they are in warranty!  

I would be you tubing how to replace pvc pipe.. lol.

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I am very fortunate in that I live in the largest of 9 villages/small towns. If you need work done that you cannot do yourself, it's pretty easy to find someone reliable who comes  with recommendations and we haven't been disappointed yet . The grapevine is a wonderful thing.


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The never ending whine fest articles about entitlement demands from what ever Gen is F-ing up the work world these days is nauseating.  Demamds for 5hr work days, assigned pagking, unlimited lunch time, etc.... I have had to shit can a number of them for not coming to work, not complying with the PPE requirements for the job, every excuse in the book for late arrivals, early outs, etc.....  Not to mention the demands for early pay, claims of underpayment (time clocks, gate logs, and full coverage video cameras bares that bullshit), etc.....  It costs a fortune to hire and train these weasle spawned wastes of skin. Double it when you have to replace them.  We are not talking low wage jobs, these are $30/hr+ jobs with decent annual increases and advancement opportunities to get into bonus level roles, etc....

Good on you for shit canning the waste of skin before he darkened your work sites.

Now, when are going to shit can your waste of SKin mate? Instead of slinging his ladder unsafely and bitching about the ladies who did some work for you, and constantly bitching about the work you do, why didn't he get his lazy ass on the ladder and sling a paint brush?

What the hell does this guy contribute to your life?


Apparently not much from the repeat bitching and not much work he keeps demonstrating.  It seems that he would rather bitch and complain about you than actually do anything.

Take care of  you.

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I stayed home with my special needs kids. When they were little they required specialized care. When I was ready to go back into the work force certain employers would not consider hiring me because I needed a little flexibility to occasionally pick up my BK's early. I am reliable, punctual, a good communicator, hard worker etc but all they could see was that me being a parent might be an inconvenience to them. Eventually I happily found the right job that allowed me to also fulfill my parental responsibilities. I look back now and laugh at the pool of candidates  those employers that wouldn't hire me have to deal with now. Lolol They should have stuck with this generation Xer.