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Spinoff on SD WORSE Than GUBM

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Yep SD stb 20 is headed in that direction.  Failed out of first semester remedial high school community college.  She joined in on a tweet which promoted (and I quote spelling/grammar is actual):

"I'm that one friend whos always with the shits.  You wanna get drunk & die biotch I'm down     Wanna go stalk your ex?  Lets go sit in the car and spy!  You want me to add someone so u can lurk?! I got chu!  U wanna fight these hoes?!?  Bitch down"

Added she's "down for ANYTHING!"

Also a post about recalling Swiss Rolls for samonella because SD LIVES on junk/fast food.

Once again great job Girhippo! 



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I sometimes wonder what people would do if there wasn't social media and they actually had to speak. 

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Way to advertise.

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I wish young people (god I sound old) would realize that employers "stalk" social media. I have cancelled interviews based on what I saw on social media! 

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They don't want to be employed they want to live off of their parents well into their thirties and forties

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I have a friend who used to respond to any FB rant (whether political, personal, or other) with just: lol 

All lowercase, no explanation. 

It enraged people. I thought it was hilarious and the perfect response to some of these strange, unending dirty laundry type posts on social media. 


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Too bad her stoicism and (keyboard warrior) courage for assault, harassment, alcohol abuse, wh0ring doesn’t extend to, I don’t know...

F*cking knuckling down, studying, working her a$$ off etc. Pathetic and disgusting. How many illegitimate children do these stupid hos have already???