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O/T Work Rant--Jealous Co-worker Turning into a Psycho BM-type Personality!

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My co-worker who shares an office with me has gone on a "force me out" campaign.


Co-worker, mid 50s, set to retire in about 2 1/2 years, never upgrades her skillset, never does any work "outside the box,"
Has NEVER worked for the private sector
Is in Information Technology but was largely spoon fed the job by her now ex-husband (who works across the hall and is remarried)
Makes a GOOD living for what she does (largely, what she DOESN'T do)
Gets paid more than myself or the other colleague with the same job title
Gets regular overtime (something neither me nor the other collegue get)
Gets to cherry pick her job (" " )
Gets special permissions due to her ex-husband once granting them to her (" ")

Now I have also helped this same lady many times due to her ancient skillset AND the fact that she does NOT like to research nor document. I've also helped her personally to try and get out of a relationship with a narcissist who has spoiled, failure to launch grown children and entitled grandchildren. In other words, I was advising her AGAINST stepHELL.

So now a promotional opportunity comes up and she believes it was especially "designed" for me. She has since stopped talking to me, tried to be as loud as possible, turning her phone ringer up to max; played several LOUD videos on her phone with a double meaning (aka back stabber) etc. etc.

She actually said "Poor Sloth!" "He doesn't stand a chance!" (Sloth being the other worker with our job title who does absolutely NOTHING all day and his manager ends up doing most of his work FOR him). Now this is a woman who wouldn't normally give "Sloth" the time of day and has always ragged on him about not doing any work all day. Annnnd this is why I have a problem with unions for the public sector. I can honestly say both this co-worker and Sloth would have been out on their ears a looooonnnnnnng time ago had this been the private sector.

Sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened. It took four years this time but almost invariably there has ALWAYS been a (usually) female employee that seemed to be jealous of me and my skillset and has gone out of her/his way to sabotage my work or pretend that I'm non-existent.

I've been in the work world for almost 37 years this November. I NEVER run around bragging about my capabilities. I was raised by my parents to always be humble and realize there's always someone out there who is better at things than you are (take THAT phoney self-esteem movement!) I try very hard not to stir up envious feelings in others. And yeah there's a LOT of stuff I don't know; probably would fill the Smithsonian, but I do my research and often solve issues that most give up on.

All I can think of is "Aw Geez Not THIS Again!"


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there is one in every office. The people who get special treatment, the people who can't mind their business, the people who have to have a "flavor of the month" to antagonize. I technically work in "administration" for my school district, HOWEVER I have not been housed in the Administration building for going on 10 years now.. thank God!!!! We refer to the Admin building as "the fish bowl" everybody is soooo worried about everyone else, I don't know how they have time to do their damn jobs.

I know what you mean about unions.... I love my union in the sense that they do provide protection so to speak, when I first got hired I was a non-unit meaning I had a year to year contract that had to be approved by the board, so basically if someone got a bug up their butt about you, you could just not get your contract renewed and then they would randomly over the years take shit away.. and what were you going to do? complain about it and not have your contract renewed?

But I hate unions in that if there are 2 people in the same title, on the same step and one is doing their job above and beyond, and the other is always calling in sick, does nothing, causes trouble etc. guess what? They're both getting the SAME raise come contract time. That's just dumb in my opinion. But I guess if you are THAT person, then it's awesome Sad