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O/T Had to put My Oldest Kitty Down

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He was a 13 yr old male Bombay.  I had him since he was a rescue kitten from a bad breeder.  He did have many health issues along the way and bonded to my Lilac Siamese female who I had to put down February last.

Chef pointed out he wasn't the same since losing our 19 yr old siamese.  He had thyroid issues, excitability that caused him to poop outside the litter box and vomit.  He had bad teeth and most recently came down with a sinus infection

He became painfully thin and despite all the meds, he just "gave up" as he slowly and stiffly walked back to the woodstove to keep warm.  His eyes and nose were running and stuffed.  He sneezed many times in a row, shook his head and hissed at the other kitties.

He was not a happy, active kitty anymore.



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I'm so sorry!!!

It's been 8 years since my "babies" crossed the rainbow bridge and I miss them every day.


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Hey, TT,

I have the greatest respect for animal owners with enough compassion and common sense to know when 'it's time'. I've always regretted having let our beloved furbaby suffer too long because we were too selfish to have her euthanized. We've learned from our mistake.

It's so sad, Hon, losing our pets; loyal, loving, companions that they are. The house won't seem the same for a while. 


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I wish you all the strength you need for this. Its always hard but clearly he was well loved and you put him first.

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I know it was a painful decision but also very humane. Hope you find comfort in the thought your two kitties are together Smile

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I'm so sorry, losing a kitty friend leaves a mark on your heart. You took in a rescue with health issues and that is such a wonderful thing to do - not many are willing to do so. I bet he was very appreciative and loving in return. 

I rescued a FIV+ alley cat that had been attacked by a dog out of my work parking lot. He spent 7 days with the veterinarian before coming home with me. I had him for 8 years. He was the most loving gentle cat I have ever known. My Matey cat. Years later, thinking of him brings tears to my eyes. He passed on February 14, 2016, in my arms. 

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All my good thoughts to you.

Both of my kitties, both 14, are getting closer. I'm watching my sweet boy especially carefully as he's not always himself. It's heartbreaking I know.

Take a day for yourself if you can.

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Oh, hon, I'm so sorry!!!

Furbabies are so wonderful and love unconditionally and each has a unique personality. Nothing like the devoted love of a 4-legged child. 


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to hear about your kitty.

It is so heartbreaking to go through.

Hugs to you.

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I'm so sorry, TT. I hope your boy is over the Rainbow Bridge and happily curled up with his Lilac friend.

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I will be combining their ashes in the same urn.

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I’m so sorry about your kitty, the time always goes by too quickly and they’re never here long enough. It’s the kindest thing to let them go once it’s time though, you sound like a wonderful mama to your fur babies. RIP little guy <3

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I'm sorry you had to do that.  Our fur babies add so much to our lives.. but it's almost inevitable that we outlive them... and we take the bitter with the sweet.  

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So sorry to Thinkthrice.  Your kitty was well loved and he had an amazing fur mom!  HUGS TO YOU! xo

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He was very affectionate with me; ok around Chef.  Truly a "one woman lady's man!"  

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So sorry - I have dogs now but I miss the two cats I had to put down. It's very hard to do. 

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Oh no, so sorry! I remember when you had to put your other kitty down last year.  That's a lot!  Very very sorry for your loss.  You did the right thing!  It is so hard to watch them decline.  My boy approaching 16 and his arthritis is evident.  My heart goes out to you.  

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I'm so sorry to hear that. Sad

Our furbabies are so precious to us. Not that it makes it any better, but you gave him a wonderful, spoiled life, as all cats deserve, and loved him enough to not allow him to suffer.