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Other Senior FurBaby Not so Good. UPDATE

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I lost my Siamese blue point/lilac point  female (approx 19 yrs old) end of February and now my male Bombay isn't doing so hot.  He was put on hyperthyroid meds about 3 months ago which made a world of difference to his symptoms but now has become very lethargic over the past three days.   He's approaching 13 yrs old and has had teeth problems (he just had six extractions about two months ago).  

He seemed to be missing my older Siamese for a few weeks but then I adopted a Bengal female kitten about 6 mos old and another Blue point/Snowshoe female Siamese who adores him (the feeling is not mutual)

Probably the stress from the Bengal being super active and the new Siamese/Snowshoe didn't help either.  Chef has him at the vet's now where they are doing blood work and xrays.


UPDATE: He has a high white cell count but no other symptoms other than lethargy and dehydration.   They gave him some fluids and antibiotics.   I also have some probiotics to mix in his food.  He seems much more alert today.

Thank you for all the well wishes!


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Oh, thrice, I'm sorry! Hope your furbaby is okay.

If it's stress/anxiety, furbabies can take meds like we humans do. One of my sister's kitties was put on anxiety meds and he was a whole new kitty afterwards.

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Losing a pet is so very hard.  I’m sorry your 2nd fur baby isn’t doing well.

Hoping he has a long happy life and Wishing your kitty a peaceful passing when it’s time for him, and my sympathy for you and your family.

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I'm so sorry thinkthrice!!!

As for them not loving each other... Give it a bit of time. We just got a new pup. My dog LOVES her, she's actually helped a LOT with his anxiety, and they love playing. DH's dog is an "old soul." (lazy and fat... Only exercises when forced...)  He HATED her the first bit. Then it turned to tolerance. And now afte a few weeks he loves that thing (EXCEPT when she tries to eat his tail... LOL)

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Oh no! I lost my two old puppers within a couple months of each other. It is HARD. 

Sending hugs. 

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I’m glad it seems to just be an infection and nothing worse. I lost my two bestest buddy cats within three months of each other due to a feline thing. One ended up with a tumor. You are probably right the stress of losing his buddy and now a new whippersnapper has probably put him out of sorts.

Hugs to you and your fur babies. 

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My older cat liked the new kitten a bit..........last year. Now that she's older, my aging male cat looks perpetually pissed. He's not a fan. He just wants me to let him outside and has a stick up his butt about it. LOL

Glad your old fella is feeling more chipper.


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Glad he is feeling better!!

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Poor guy, I'm glad he's feeling better. He's probably a bit depressed losing his buddy and new animals coming in. Fur babies DEFINITELY grieve losses. I swear my dog cried when my cat passed away - they were true friends. 

Give him some extra love and attention <3

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Hope fur baby is ok. My neighbours fur baby kitten accidentally got in my house yesterday and was so skittish it pulled down the curtains and broke a vase then ran up more curtains. I went to primary school with neighbour so I won’t charge for the vase or the holes in the curtain!!

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Glad to read the more positive  update ..

Your poor kitty.. I hope he stays stable .So awful when they're sick.

Maybe he's getting kidney stones/calculi  or infection.I have a few senior cats and  for the past few years with the hot weather they develop renal calculi or a bladder or kidney  infection.My vet told me some cats never drink enough water so I add water to their canned food or  little chicken broth to boost their fluid intake.Cut back or eliminate the dry food.

Here's to your fur baby staying well.


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Praying and sending healing vibes your fur baby's way! I have senior cats too- I understand.