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Once Again A New Record!

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Beating the old record set by SD...lowest.grade.ever.

This quarter YSS16 scored an ELEVEN in Global Studies for the quarter.  So they must be giving credit for writing one's name on the paper. 

Big letters from that teacher: CALL FOR CONFERENCE IMMEDIATELY.    Of course we were told by several high officials from this school district that Chef's opinion does not count and they will have to go with the Girhippo on scholastic decisions. (does this sound familiar JustMakingTheBest?)



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Just. Wow.

Yep... very familiar. My heart just hurts for so many on here. I never realized how bad it could all be. These father's just want to help their kids grow into productive, responsible members of society and for SOME FREAKING REASON all these BM's are like "nooooo.... I want my kid to be a giant failure in life" and the courts and schools are like "Yeah, BM, that sounds like a totally better plan!"

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Do the BMs count on these kids for emotional support? Financial gain? What is their angle? Isnt Gir remarried? What does her H think of the failure? Doesnt she want the kid successful and launch so she can enjoy her marraige. I know DH is counting the days til we can have some peace and be married. Most likely I wont make it that far Sad

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AKA step daddy big bucks dares not to reproach the almighty Girhippo.   He is your classic yes ma'am GUBM's hubby who should obey if he knows what's good for him.


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Exactly, that's why I don't get it. She's not looking for money like extra cs or govt check for a "disability" so why is she holding him back?

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Funny how Chef is good enough to hear about the problems and take the blame but not good enough to have any say. Stupid school system.

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why is chef even in the mailing list? The school is aware that he’s not allowed to contact the kids or to he invited to conferences. So why send him a letter saying CALL FOR CONFERENCE?


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My SS ended first term of math class with an 8% average. Of course, he's only in middle school, so no one cares and after BM called that 8% average was miraculously raised to a B. He did better second term - he got a 46%, but that was miraculously raised to a B after the term closed and SS then got a new math teacher. He then had another F with that new teacher.

Can't wait until he's in high school. 

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was probably doing the homework.  The Gir did this for the two older failures.  I guess she's tiring