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Mother of the Year

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Or should I say FOSTER Mother of the Year.   The Girhippo tried fostering, for the $$$$, of course, which lasted about 5 nanoseconds.  Seeing that parenting ISN'T her forte, the moment foster kid got into a conflict with OSS, at the time 14, out the door foster kid went.

Fast forward to today--the Girhippo went from CPS worker, to waitress (trying to get grants for SD to get into community college) to working for a non profit foster care center  where she screens foster parents!!!  The irony is absolutely delicious!  Here her very own children are turning out to be complete failures in every aspect due to her laissez faire approach to parenting and yet she is screening OTHERS for parenting viability.

Chef's work took me into Girhippoburg aka White Trash Nation and there in her front yard was one of those advertisement signs recruiting for foster parents and advocating the agency where she works.   She really LoVeS to put her MOTY creds on display to the entire town of 5,000.

Her own children suffer from lack of delayed gratification, and are completely feral.  Basically pets who have no skills for the adult world or how to take care of themselves. 


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Well she has kids! So she must be PERFECT! Who better to screen foster parents than a MOTY Girhippo who's kids (by some miracle) made it past the age of 5?! Plus her 5 seconds of fostering experience was obviously all she needed! She's just so good that after 5 seconds she outgrew it AND became qualified to know EXACTLY what someone needs to be a foster parent!!! Plus she knows all about how to solve conflict in the home with the new child!!! (hint: it involves getting rid of some poor kid who doesn't have anywhere solid to go)

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To be more precise I think the kid lasted less than a month and she turned his ass back into the fostering mill.   Probably a GOOD thing since the foster kid is successful now and has learned contracting skills from his 2nd foster home--whereas OSS 21.5 is floundering at Taco Bell/KFC.   

The sign in her front yard is just.outrageous. . . "LOOK AT ME EVERYBODY--I'M THE MOST CARING, CONCERNED MOTHER OF THE CENTURY AROUND!!!"  


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Well she is! She's raised a kid to help us get that covetted fast food!

LMAO. I'm sorry, I'm super disgusted too, hence the sarcasm. The saddest part is, in her twisted mind, she likely believes she is MOTC... When in reality... She's disgusting and has failed her own child...

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BM had a foriegn exchange student for about 5 minutes. Until *someone* sent in her court record history littered with assualts. The director of the program was mortified they didn't catch BM's background.