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Well I sent the two 8332 forms directly to the Girhippo at her work (CPS office). I sent it registered mail where she would have to sign it.

Reason being as she has always done a "return to sender" whenever Chef tried to send her mail at home concerning the skids, CS, etc. etc. This is since they stopped talking long ago over the phone as she would often hang up on him even when he wasn't raising his voice or she would never pick up or return his calls. Email? No way, she'd probably "edit" his emails to her delight.

This one states that in order to prevent time consuming and costly litigation and in ORDER TO KEEP FROM HAVING TO REPORT ANY SIDE VENTURES ON THE FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT FORM (aka her side "food network" biz) that she would do best to sign them so that Chef can claim one of the remaining two and then the other form is to rotate the youngest when Dominatrix ages out. Of course the MOU is cited, chapter and verse. I doubt she'll return it, never mind return it SIGNED.

Of course this is NYS where you have to pay CS LOOOONNNNNNGGGG after a dependent is actually a dependent for tax purposes.

Shows it got delivered today, she's probably already tossed it.


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I specifically put her name on it--not that it makes a difference--its probably in the circular file.

I did send a copy to HER attorney though

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bwahahahaaa u should also send her attorney a copy of the return/receipt card w/ signature!

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Thats exactly what i did Cost almost $12 to send three pieces of paper 20 minutes away
Was totally worth it though I wish I were a fly on the wall just to see the look on the Girhippos face knowing that Chef is no longer rolling over like he did for the past 10 years