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It's That Time of the Year Again!!

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This goes out to all the poor, suffering SMs who have to put up with skids visitation during the holidays:

Sung to the Tune of "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

I'll be gone for Christmas
You can count on me
Please say "NO" to skids in tow
And horrid smells of pee

Christmas eve won't find me
Where the ferals scream
I'll be gone for Christ-mas
If only in my dreams


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There really should be a Christmas album  just for SMs enjoyment. These are good. You can title it DIKS Christmas Classics, which is skid backwards lol

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Hhhhahahaha! The cover of the album can be a SM hiding behind the tree with a drink while skids are either tearing up gifts or running into Dadddeeeee's arms!

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Bwahaha I love these Christmas songs. For my SD “Santa Baby” works and all you have to do is change “Santa” to “Daddy”