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This Disproves the Disney Dad and BFF Mommykins Theory That. . .

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Children are incapable of learning good behavior, rules, hygiene, politeness until well into their twenties--they should just be left to their own devices and come up as ferals because they "don't know any better."


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I wish people would just parent and teach their kids! I've heard of kids who don't know the alphabet or how to count by the time they're in kindergarten. What were the parents letting them do the first 5 years of their lives?! Oh yeah, hand the kid a tablet and let the virtual babysitter take over.

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Most teachers I've known agree though it's not the lack of education so much the lack of social skills they don't like.

They can teach a kid their letters and numbers if the child knows how to mind.

I watched the inside of SO's son's classroom for a short period of time a little ways back. The way the children behaved told me a lot. The teacher can barely teach because she's having to stop child A from climbing on a table for the 5th time in 10 minutes, get child B from the clothing closet, get child C to stop talking for 5 seconds, ect..... The teacher wasn't bad either. It's that half of the kids have never been taught to listen. Half of them were well minded and while easily distracted stayed on the circle where they should have and didn't start hitting their neighbor.

It's basic lack of social skills that's kill the classroom in my view. These skills are vital for all of us. Think about it. We know where we stand in the world and it started as children. Mom or dad was the boss and we listened to them. We knew who was equal and that if big sister said something we might need to do what she said because she was older. We knew that we should not hit, scream inside, or take things without permission. Children need to be introduced to the ideas of sharing and taking turns outside of the classroom. Knowing that an adult should be respected helps so much.

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Yep... too many parents have the "let them be kids!" mantra.

Ummm....... Kids are what they're made into. If they're not made into anything, then there won't be much to them.

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Absolutely! I am just surprised at how parents don't correct bad grammar and stuff like that. Kids are like dogs. They need stimulation or else they get bored and sometimes destructive. I agree 100% that social skills are a CRUCIAL part of conditioning kids for the real world.

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My DIL is an early education teacher. She notices many parents just let their kids run feral. The other day a dentist agency was on the radio begging parents to make their children brush their teeth and limit sugary drinks. HELL no! The kid doesn't want to so why make Junior do what he doesn't want?

One of the manager's wives here is an early education teacher as well and was horrified that the proposed curriculum is just letting kids run around all day with no structure--this is in kindergarten. She's sending her kids to private school after this.

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A friend of my sister's teaches kindergarten. The children are from solid middle class homes. She said you cannot believe how many children start school and do not even know their colors - like red or blue.

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Ugh. Reminds me of BM. She never made the skids do or learn anything because "they're just chiiiiiiildren." She honestly believed they'd magically get their shit together when they became adults. Alrighty then!

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WTF - sounds like SO lol.....

sorry no but you can only teach a child till age 7, and if you do not teach him to respect people and basic hygiene he will never learn it self.
Yeas when they are teens they are another breed, not human at all, but in their early 20's they fall back on the basic principles and values you as a parent taught them when they where younger. (Oh you keep on teaching from 7-20, but hell they ignore you lol)

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I substitute teach sometimes.

I'm probably going to catch flack for this but, I don't think it is 100% bad parenting, I think a good percentage of this should go in the bad breeding category. In the town I live in, so many of these parents are uneducated, never married, very young, on welfare. They can have as many kids as they want because they are on the gov't teet. They come from a long line of losers. Lazy, unintelligent, sociopathic.

It's like Idiocracy come to life.

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hummm it's bad parenting through generations...... thus 100%..

the world evolved but some human beings did not thus they do not teach their children anything, they think it's 1812 where it was okay to get married at 14 have a wagon full off babies, they can live of the land... (there's just not living of the land anymore)

We see it allot on Mars, poverty galore but hell they pop babies out every 11 months and out of 8 kids there might be 7 fathers involved, not paying maintenance, not supporting's the governments problem, if the government does not want to pay they go on strike, burn tires in roads, through rocks at cars and burn down schools...