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Blog Hog Alert. The Power of Suggestion

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Bought a new air fryer about a year ago and Chef hasn't touched it.  He still insists on large pots of oil and/or our existing fryer which he routinely spills over and causes a huge mess.

I plan on playing a bunch of air fryer videos and see if this causes Chef to use it (and thusly think it was his good idea)



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I LOVE my air fryer. We've made fries, sausage, blooming onions, wings, veggies.... So yummy, healthier and easy to clean! Your "subtle" hints hopefully work! 

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Why would someone choose deep frying in fat when they have an air fryer available?  Forget the mess.  What about triglicerides and cholesterol?  Not saying that everyone should swear off of french fries forever but regular consumption of fried foods after turning 25 is just asking for trouble.

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of habit.  Chef is not very health conscious.