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BestBuy Enmeshment Commercial

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Has anyone seen the BestBuy ad on tv where it appears the mom and dad? are going on a trip somewhere.  The older teen daughter presents her mom with a hand made  3rd grade style greeting card as mom pulls out of the driveway. 

Mom reads the card at her destination (no dad? in must have dumped him off somewhere LOL)

Card reads something like i miss you mommy, hurry back.   I don't recall ANY teenager acting like that when i was that age... we wanted to get AWAY from our parents.

Next thing you see is a box arriving at the house where older teen daughter opens a package from mom

VR GOGGLES so that she and mom can commune!!!!

Shows mommykins and enmeshed older teen daughter calling out to each other donning their VR as though they have been reunited after seeing each other for the first time in decades!

Is it just me or is this disturbing?


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I tried posting 3 times on this haha.. daughter sounds like she's contacting the dead and mommy sounds like she's an angel protecting her from the evil world.

Poor dad is just the package delivery boy.

The 3rd grade card was gag worthy. 

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I dont get it. Does society want an enmeshed generation?

What wouldve been worse, if thats possible,  if it was for daddio.  *bad*

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Haven't seen that one, yet, but it sounds terrible. In my family, the one skid who was enmeshed with BM has now decided he'd rather hang with his friends, so now the other skid (who is not overly social) is BM's confidant...and messenger. I'm sure I would have said goodbye if my parents had ever gone away when I was a teen...but I also would have enjoyed my time alone to the fullest.