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Aargh The Projection!

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So I opened up a 529 account on behalf of DGD.  Chef went all PTSD over it exclaiming it was a bad idea.  I admit various financial experts have differing opinions about the 529 but for me and DGD it would work.

Why did he go all wacko you might ask?  Simply because the Girhippo drained all three 529 accounts upon divorce then failed to report it on their last joint tax return, sticking him with the interest and penalties.  I had to do a lot of leg work ( before I was disengaged)  to get it reduced, file innocent spouse and then force the Girhippo to pay said interest and penalties! 

And on top of all that, Chef wanted to give the Girhippo a pass and just go ahead and pay the penalty and interest (out of my wages).  I had to put my foot down and say HELL no to that as she was getting away with everything else.


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Hopefully you can talk reason into him.

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Well, Chef isn't very intelligent and obviously lets his emotions overload his derriere. Once again, you have to put up with his nonsense because the poor baby got triggered. You're a saint, and I can't imagine where this man child would be without you.

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I know a man who refuses to marry his current long-term (of like 20 years) GF because his 1st wife left him for another man. He claims to have PTSD so he can't get married. I feel sorry for his GF. Why should she be punished because the 1st wife was a byatch? I don't think I could deal with a man that let his 1st wife continue to have free rent in his head.

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done with marriage as a concept after my adulterous skank whore of an XW pulled her never ending adulterous crap and our divorce was final.  Blessedly I only wasted 2.5 years on that travesty of a marriage.

It was my dad that helped me pull my head out of my own butt.  He asked if I was committed to spending my life with a series of significant others, or as a young man (then 30) I was willing to try to build a life together someone.  He and mom both liked my then GF very much.  And 28 years and 5mos (as of today) later, I am blessedly happy to have made a life with my incredible bride.

Mom and dad celebrated their 60th this year.  Dad has a way of applying just the right force  of swift kick to my butt to get me aligned.  Thanks Dad.

This man you know is no man IMHO. He is a coward.  His 20 year GF has no sense of self work, in all liklihood.

Living well is the best revenge. This guy is not living well. And neither is his GF.

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I could do to restrain myself from saying "Well DIL is not a see you next Tuesday like the Girhippo is."

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Next time just keep it to yourself.  He doesn't need to know.  If he finds out, just tell you didn't want to trigger his PTSD.  (Eyeroll) 

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He had been on about opening up an account for DGD since day one.    Both he and the Gir are horrible with money.   They have this Poor Dad mentality. 

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What does he think putting cash under the mattress is a better idea?

My DH used to get weird when I suggested he rebalance his retirement out of just bonds to make more money. He has PTSD from BM controlling and spending all his money. She would buy a $4k designer bag then scream at him for buying $70 sneakers so now we can't talk about money.

Luckily our money system seems to work.

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He even said it would be better to put the money in a Mason jar with all the economic indicators pointing south.