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The corn cobb up BM's butt

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So my boyfriend and I joke all the time about BM having a corn cobb stuck up her butt...

Last night the kids were talking about something mean BM did to them or something and my boyfriend spoke up and said, "sometimes I think she has a corn cobb stuck up her butt"

And I can't believe it but I was quick to defend BM!
(cant believe it but I did)

I scolded my boyfriend in front of the kids (which may or may not have been good) and told him he should not say things about their mom in front of them.
And I said, " remember when the kids came home and repeated things BM had said about you and I? It hurt the kids that BM said something about us, why wouldn't it hurt them for one of us to say something about BM? Its still their mom"

The ten year old boy said back, "no we don't mind, we don't like her"

Which then my boyfriend realized what he did and stepped in and said some stuff and apologized and told the kids he knows they repeat things at their mom's and he does not want what he says to make their mom mad because then the kids would have to deal with BM mad.........