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Things Have Been Going Well ... For the Most Part

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So it has been about a month since I have had to blog. Which is a sign of progress I think.
THAT and DH took a massive step forward in the custody case. The judge has supported him quite a bit which is surprising because ... well ... he is the father.

Today I am blogging because I found out MY Stepmother is on Steptalk. I find this bizarre because I do not talk to her nor my father. So what is she blogging about? My brother. My brother lives near her and my father and my sister lives in another country. I live in another state.

She blogs about adult stepchildren and some of the things she has said are simply not true! I thought perhaps I had her confused with someone else but my stepsister mentioned her user name in conversation to my sister which is also weird. At any rate, she has said things like how my brother is a snot (which is true) but how he disrespects her etc. Now that I would believe if it weren't for HER instigating. I haven't commented on her blog out of respect as a Steptalk user but yet, I feel like her horrible lies are being validated by ST. I haven't said anything to my brother but I have scolded him for not respecting my father and in turn showing respect for her but once I hear his side of the story, I can't blame him!

On another note, SS9 had his sports physical yesterday to start track this year. The doctor said he has scoliosis. If its not one thing, its another with him. Why did all the cards get dealt to him? His brother is perfectly healthy and doesn't struggle with anything and yet SS9 seems to be a genetic garbage can. Evidently, scoliosis runs on the BM side. DH hasn't told BM yet because she reacts with hostility any time DH tells her there is something negative going on with the boys. He states it factually but she is still angry.


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oh wow thats crazy about your SM being on ST! Does she blog alot? when I was 14 i was diagnosed with a 'slight case of scoliosis' and she told me to come back in a year to see if it got worse, but i never got re-checked. My back curves a little bit, but its not affecting me yet and none of my doctors now have said anything about it. Im glad your dh is going forward in the custody case, I havent read about it before but glad the judge backed him up! gives me hope for my dh!