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Shocked and Stunned

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So I am pretty sure everyone has heard about Zara Baker, the missing little girl on the East Coast? Her stepmother has not been named a suspect but the media such as Nancy Grace has already tried, judged and convicted her. Don't get me wrong, the SM is definitely looney tunes - at a minimum, she is a pathological liar. Zara had a prosthetic leg and hearing aids. She also suffered from bone cancer. She lived with her father full time. Evidently, there are reports that the SM was abusive. I am looking for a link to the story if you haven't heard the story.

Also in the case of Kyron Harmon, the missing boy in Oregon, the stepmother is a suspect.

Anyway, the reason I am shocked and stunned ... BM has been inquiring to my in laws about the boys' health and well being, asking if I have ever been abusive or anything like that. Fair enough - she is finally a concerned mother. But I received a text last night from her - and we hardly ever talk - "If you ever hurt my kids I will find you and kill you myself."

I didn't tell DH. I don't want him stressing out even more.
I am just totally shocked because this seems like it came out of left field. The skids and I are fine. SS11 is grounded right now but he knows it is for lying and lying is a serious offense in this house. And SS9 can't play video games because his grades are bad. I don't think this is reason for her to be so hostile or believe I would be one of those bizarre SMs?

For god's sake, SHE is the one who left SS9 to starve as an infant. If anything, nut case BMs are in the news all the time too!

I saved the text for court.


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definately do not respond, seve it, take it to court. I would tell your hubs though so he's not surprised nad ticked off at you for keeping it from him.

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That is most definitely considered "communicating a threat" in the eyes of the law. Make absolutely sure that you get a copy of that message in writing with the sender's name, etc. The police need to know as does your DH's lawyer.

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I did save the text, got a copy from the phone company AND I took your advice and sent that exact same response. Thanks!

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"SHE is the one who left SS9 to starve as an infant"

wtf?? and she sends YOU a text about "not hurting" her kids??? what is she smoking? I think I need some of that!

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I didn't tell DH but I did say that if he happened to drop my phone on the floor and read my text messages I would not be upset with him ... this is after I sent the reply that Happy Search suggested.

He looked grave that night and told me "So. You know I read your texts cuz I am a fool. Do you want me to get involved or and I am pretty sure I know the answer to this, you resolved it yourself?"

I told him I have a copy from the phone company and we can take it to the lawyer this week with our appointment.

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If BM ever sent me a text that said that I wouldn't be able to call the cops quick enough. I'm sorry, but that's not being a concerned mother, that's being a nut job.

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Restraining order asap!!! Don't wait for your appt with the lawyer, get it now. That psycho threatened your life.

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The Other Mom - You handled this perfectly. Happy Search's response was great. You sent the appropriate answer and saved the texts for court / your lawyer.

Personally, I think BM is overreacting - AND PROJECTING. I wouldn't really worry about her hurting you - at this point in time. If she texts something similar or even responds back with a "you better not", THEN I would get a restraining order.

Your BM is acting like a drama queen and giving you that threat to "prove" that she is a caring mother. Whether that be prove it to herself, her family, a guy, or maybe her own lawyer, she's trying to act tough and maternal.

Stay calm, and don't fall for her bait. If she can get you to engage in this in any way she wins. If your lawyer advises you to get a restraining order, then do so.

Sorry you had to get that.