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Mudslingingville: There is no joy.

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So there was a settlement conference today between my hb and BM. She could not stop herself from making allegations that had nothing to do with the case the entire hearing. The judge kept trying to steer her back on track and finally asked my hsb and his lawyer to leave so he could talk to BM privately. After the chit chat with the judge BM was much more agreeable.

My HB showed me her declaration and it was full of lies and more lies and guilt trips galore. She claims that my husband prevailed in his last court action because he "played" the courts. She used those exact words. As if the courts are too stupid to judge an issue based on the law. My husban'ds attorney is a woman with a good repution and she doesn't do sleazy things. This is riduculous.

Tomorrow is another hearing to determine weather BM committed fraud by falsifying info regarding cp. Incidently BM was asking the courts to bar me from pick up/drop off's but now I am just ordered to stay in the car. Trouble is BM likes to walk over to out car and stick her head in it. I asked HB to put an order that she stay 5 feet away from our vehicle if I am not allowed to get out of it.

The level of hypocracy is over the top. I'm hoping tomorrow will go better.



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What non-sence.

Sounds like craziness. I'll say a prayer that tomorrow goes well for you all. keep us posted.


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Today was a phone conference on a financial matter. BM did not respond to discovery request until the day of the hearing. Apparently she provided no evidence to prove her financial demands were truthfull. INSTEAD, she handed in a 36 page document that was at least two thirds of nothing but badmouthing and mudslinging.

I don't have twenty pages to write about all the people who have done dastardly things to me altogether, and I've had some pretty nasty things done to me. Ugg. I can't even imagine writing a document that long about nothing but mudslinging.

She left my husband four years ago. That is enough time to complete an Bachelors, but she has put all her energy into spite. In a way I just have to feel sorry for her. She doesn't seem to be able to manage her emotional life at all and that kind of venom is like a poison. She is taking the poison and hoping that we die. We are going on with our lives and having good things happen.

I just started an internship at a very intense office and my supervisor has told me several times that she really likes my attitude. If I was sitting around being spiteful all day long I couldn't put my energy to constructive use. I just don't see how that level of anger can be even be healthy.

I also think that family judges get pretty tired of mudslinging and I don't think making him/her sift through her angry manefesto is going to endear her to the judge.

I have a feeling that this situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

"One breath at a time is an acceptable plan."
Ani DiFranco

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Just remain calm, cool and collected. Let her continue to make an ass out of herself. Caitlin is going through something similar.
Hopefully it will just get better. Just try to keep a sence of humor about it. Laugh at her antics. I mean really, she handed a 36 page disertation to a judge, that's funny.

Hang in there and keep me posted. Jo

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My hb and I were talking about it the other night and we were had calmed down a little and we were both basically like "This woman who is completely unravveling and so full of hate that she puts her own needs second to her venom is RAISING sd, not to mention two other children.

He just got a 90 dollar credit for driving such a long distance but we were actually trying to figure out if there was any way to convince BM to see a counselor if we contribute to the cost of her counseling. He's gong to talk to the attorney about it. I realize it's kind of a long shot because someone has to first recognize there is a problem and have the desire to change for counseling to be usefull, but we are just seeing this get worse and worse and worse.


"One breath at a time is an acceptable plan."
Ani DiFranco