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OT: Is anyone familiar with this area?

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Is anyone familiar with the Big Bear area where the Christopher Dorner shootout is going on?


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Yep - I live about 45 minutes away on the other end of the mountain. I have my horse there and the skids and BM live in Big Bear. Did they find him and there is a shoot out going on right now?

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Yep, grew up in a little city at the base of the foothills leading up to Big Bear. There is a very limited amount of access roads in and out. If Dorner hasn't been caught he should be very soon!

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Yes he will be caught, he has no where to run. Very steep mountain behind him, and surrounded by LAPD, SWAT, FEDS, FISH AND GAME... hopefully he doesn't ake anyone else out before he goes down.

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Yup. And family up there searching for him.
And more family vacationing up there tomorrow.

The cops will make sure he's dead. There's no "capturing" in this case.

Did y'all see the truck the LAPD shot the hell out of "thinking" it "might" be him a few days back?
Yeah, looking for a grey Nissan Titan. Shot the hell out of an electric blue Toyota Tacoma. Niiiiice.

And I have family in the LAPD, so this just sucks.

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Yeah... a little paranoid ya think?

We are in LA County, so we have a TON of LAPD and LASD friends. Many of which work in the station he was in. It insane. One of the two outlets to the mountain he is sittig on dumps right in to our town. I will say that BM's house is WAY closer to that out let then we are so, there's a plus. Wink Just kidding.

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I can see the smoke now from my house.
He's dead. It's all over.
(I also have family that worked with him...same division. I had all sorts of "unreleased" info, but none of it matters now.)
It's over.