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First post blues

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I guess I shouldn't really do this when I'm in a bad mood, 36 weeks pregnant, stressed to the highest degree about money and my dog's health... but hear I am. The kids have been driving me NUTS, they are out of control and I have no one to talk to about it. I can't believe the lack of compassion and empathy they have for other people. They have learned that they are the centre of everything, the unfortunate thing is DH and BM can't actually provide what they promised them. We just bought a new house, my dog is sick, we have a ton of stuff to get ready for the baby and we, for some reason, still spend the majority of our time trying to please the step kids. I have no idea what it will be like once the baby arrives... I'm so happy I have a place to vent, ramble and let of steam, regardless of it makes no sense or anything.


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I am new too! Not pregnant but new here! Im stressed about my soon to be step daughter. We dont live together yet, we are engaged and house hunting. She can be a brat and spoiled and I am struggling with how to deal with it. I have two boys, 14 and 11, and boys are so much easier than girls! They are not perfect but they do not do anything compared to the SD. My boys are the furthest thing from spoiled and they picked up on her behavior. I tell them to ignore it and walk away - it is exacty what I do. Bleding a family is probably ONE of the heardest things I have done Sad

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Hi! Welcome. I know the feeling of catering to the kids. Dh and I can't live together yet because he promised his deceased wife that his kids will come first and no woman will live with them. We are slowly working on them getting acquainted with me and my son. It's hard having to follow a timeline that SO and I can't set for ourselves.

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I understand where you are at. I felt the same way when I was pregnant with DS2. The skids were driving me crazy and DH was busy catering towards them, so I felt alone and even more pissed that instead of getting ready for the baby, we were busy trying to make them happy. It didn't help that my sense of smell was heightened and being in the same room as them made me want to puke (they are smelly pre-teen/teens). I would open up the windows if I had to drive SD anywhere and then lie to her about why I had the windows open. We were so busy with the skids, we didn't get a crib, stroller, or other necessities until well into the pregnancy. Then, SS got upset because we bought these things for the baby. Yeah, lots of ridiculous stuff that drove me insane.

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! It's hard but try not to sweat the skid stuff. Take care of yourself. When the baby comes you'll be spending all your energy on him/her that you won't care about the skids.