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Vacation picture question

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We are going to the beach in a week (all of us including BM and her husband and their baby girl). We are all getting different colored shirts to wear and plan on taking pictures on the beach. One day when we are in our swim suits, I would like to also get a picture of me, DH and my step kids. Silly question, but should I get more than one pic of us or just one?


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I assume since you asked the question you would like more than one.  If so, take more than one.  

Is this with a professional photographer?  Who is paying?  If it's a joint expense then take as many photos as you wish. If BM is paying then I would keep it to one.

If everyone gets along well enough to do a joint vacation then it seems like you could just ask BM what she's comfortable with?

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There's no professional photographer. We usually just take each other's. We were both thinking about the matching shirt pics. Should I text her and ask about the bathing suit one? 

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I'm still confused as to why the matching shirt pictures relate to how many bathing suit pictures to take.  Are you suggesting you want them (SKs) to wear matching suits?

I would just text BM and coordinate whatever it is you want.  Obviously you asked the question here because you're not super comfortable just texting BM - which begs the question as to why you'd go on vacation together, but I guess that wasn't the question posed here.

Good luck either way.

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Are you really ok going on vacation with BM? Your feelings and opinions matter just as much as theirs do. 

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Why is this a question? I don't mean to sound rude, but this does seem like a silly question. What is making you ask this? There has to be some anxiety below the surface about this because, if you're already there and already planning on taking one photo, you might as well take more.

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Hobby photographer here. Take multiple photos. Most photographers expect a ratio of 1 good one per 10 shot.

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Take as many photos as you'd like... but I have to ask: why are you vacationing with BM and her DH? 

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I had a day terror thinking what it would be like to go to the beach with BM and SD..oh my gawd. They wouldve tied cement blocks to my feet and toss me in the ocean. My ex DH wouldve literally had his head in the sand LOL so buy bye to stepdrama2020.

I give you credit girl. Take as many pics as you want.

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Just take as many as you like! No harm done.

but why would you ask? Is there something else going one making you anxious ? I mean the amount of pictures you take per se should be sort of a non issue I feel...